Dodd caught the Greyhound in Milwaukee about 8:45 p.m. and was headed to Chicago.

Williams said at one point he thought the police were escorting the bus, not realizing the situation on the back of the bus.

Authorities received a call for a disorderly and possibly armed person on a Greyhound bus on I-94 around 10 p.m., the release said.

Illinois State Police did not release any more information about the incident.

Eventually, the bus stopped, and the passengers were escorted off the Greyhound one by one, Williams said.

“They treated us like we were criminals, like we did something wrong,” Williams said. “OK, if you got the person you’re looking for and everything’s done, why are you detaining us?

“He did’nt stop after the first spike strip, he went on to Illinois,” Patrick Dodd said. “And then he hit the second spike strip.”

“The law is you see emergency lights, you pull over,” Williams said. “(The police) were in front of us, they were in back of us.”

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