“The municipal government only seeks to get rid of unjustified acquired habits which do considerable harm to the whole process of the town council, its services and, especially, its battered coffers,” the town stated inside a statement on Wednesday.

The town’s human sources department apparently opened up an analysis in to the situation once they discovered the 2 unsuccessful to appear for any day of labor in this past year or every day to date this season. Upon further review, the department discovered the 2 employees, who weren’t named, had really been compensated for responsibilities they’d not transported out for approximately fifteen years.

Spain’s economy might be returning on its ft, but that’s no because of two employees who have been lately fired for collecting pay without working within the last fifteen years.

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When asked, the 2 employees accepted they’d not gone into work, but stated the problem adopted “a tacit agreement” using the different municipal government authorities that were in position in excess of fifteen years. Furthermore, they contended these were simply taking their accrued vacation days, and individuals of the co-workers as stipulated under union rules.

A persons sources department also discovered that one person in the neighborhood police union only 47 days in this past year, while another labored only 66 days. City authorities known as the behaviour a “serious breach at work obligations” and vowed to prevent these kinds of situations.

The city of Jerez en Frontera—known because of its sherry, flamenco dancing and motorcycle competitions—fired a person along with a garden enthusiast employed with the local General Confederation at work union once they accepted they were collecting pay without going to get results for as much as fifteen years, based on TheLocal.com, an British-language news network in Europe.

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