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iPhone, PS4 e mais: setembro vai ser incrível para os amantes da tecnologia – Tecmundo

É importante mencionar também que há fortes indícios de que a Apple pretende atualizar suas linhas de computadores portáteis durante o evento. Com isso, Macbooks seriam apresentados a público com novos conectores USB Type-C e renovações de hardware para as compras de fim de ano.

Suposto design do Xperia XR

No dia 7 de setembro, a Apple vai anunciar as suas principais novidades para o mercado de dispositivos móveis. Você já deve saber que o anúncio mais esperado é o dos novos iPhones 7 e 7 Plus, não é mesmo?

Seria este o PS4 Slim?

O grande destaque deve ficar com o iPhone 7 Plus, com módulo de câmera dupla

Mas quais são elas? O que podemos realmente esperar do mês de agosto? É exatamente isso que vamos mostrar agora mesmo para todos. Prepare o bolso e o coração, pois há muitos lançamentos que podem conquistar os consumidores de todo o mundo.

A Lenovo parece ainda não ter definido a estratégia total para os smartphones Motorola

A The new sony já foi gigante em muitos segmentos, mas hoje o seu carro-chefe está sendo o Ps 4 — tanto em relação ao nome quanto com os números financeiros. E no dia 7 de setembro a companhia japonesa vai mostrar dois novos consoles para a atual geração de game titles.

A Panasonic é pouco mencionada no mercado brasileiro, mas está longe de ser uma empresa fraca lá fora. Por causa disso, devemos conhecer novos televisores e dispositivos de mídia da companhia japonesa. Alguns rumores apontam para a chegada de um novo player de Blu-ray com suportes a conteúdos Ultra HD com preços mais atrativos do que os vistos anteriormente.

NYPD may not say if officer in chokehold dying is punished – U.S. News & World Report

NYPD may not say if officer in chokehold dying is punished
U.S. News & World Report
Bratton stated the modification came following a recent public record information request motivated the department to re-examine a 1976 New You are able to condition law. It shields records &quotused to judge performance toward ongoing employment or promotion&quot of police, firefighters and&nbsp…

and much more&nbsp&raquo

ISIS: Former Commanders Take More and more Dim Look at War Time

Area of the challenge may be the Gordian knot the Iraq-Syrian theater is becoming. ISIS sprang in the now-five-year-old Syrian civil war, that has wiped out 400,000 and displaced ten million. Up to 50 % have fled the nation, fomenting anxiety across Europe. Iran and Russian back the federal government of Syrian President Bashar Assad—a fight the U.S. has resolutely declined to go in (despite Assad, despite an alert of the “red line” by President Barack Obama, used chemical weapons by himself individuals 2013). “At the finish during the day, our current U.S. policy in the area has unsuccessful expensively and shredded our credibility,” states Craig McCaffrey, a upon the market Army general states upon the market Army general Craig McCaffrey, who brought a military division into Iraq in 1991’s Gulf War.

The U.S.-brought war from the Islamic Condition is entering its third year (eclipsing time the U.S. spent fighting The First World War). Partly, that’s because it’s a little-bore campaign: the U.S. is spending $4 billion annually, comparable to another the price of just one aircraft carrier (planes not incorporated). “Employing an anemic use of pressure in accordance with previous air campaigns has produced the Islamic Condition time for you to export their message, garner supporters, and spread their message,” states David Deptula, a upon the market Air Pressure lieutenant general who planned the 1991 bombing campaign that-but-drove Iraqi forces from Kuwait. “A comprehensive technique to quickly decompose the Islamic Condition continues to be missing.”

The U.S. has big goals for any small-scale war. Washington sees its mission as wrecking ISIS, helping negotiate an finish towards the Syrian civil war, and maintaining your lid around the historic competition between Islam’s Sunni and Shiite branches. Iran and Russia back Syria’s Assad. Saudi Arabia and Poultry want him gone. But Poultry is really a problematic NATO ally that sights Kurdish separatists, a vital U.S. ally within the ISIS fight, like a bigger threat than ISIS. The U.S. is backing four major digital rebel groups with air strikes: the Iraqi army, moderate Syrian rebels, and separate Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria. But crushing ISIS helps Assad, fueling the civil war, and bolstering Kurdish martial artists angers Poultry, which thinks many are allied having a Turkish Kurdish group accountable for terror attacks within that country.

Around the ground—the best way to retake territory—the new Iraqi army, Kurdish forces, along with a motley medley of Syrian rebels are spear-heading the battle. U.S. troops alongside them (about 5,000 in Iraq, and 300 in Syria), serve mainly as advisors, in another unfortunate echo of Vietnam. ISIS is constantly on the keep its key centers of gravity: its self-declared capital within the Syrian town of Raqqa, and Mosul, Iraq’s second-biggest city, 300 miles away. “I’ve spoken with a U.S. generals who’re really frustrated—they might be in Raqqa per week,Inches Zinni states. The U.S. is “losing credibility and they’re really encouraging the enemy because they’re in a position to contain the ground for a long time now.”

ISIS’s tenacity may be the oxygen that provides existence to would-be jihadists around the world, moving violence into places like Britain, France, Germany and also the U.S. The value of Tuesday’s killing of ISIS strategist Abu Muhammad Adnani, apparently inside a U.S. drone strike, marks a obvious blow towards the jihadists. But you will find others, browsing the wings, wanting to replace him, U.S. authorities say.

“Doing nothing could be far more suitable for this mess,” states Daniel Bolger, a upon the market Army three-star who commanded troops both in Afghanistan and Iraq before retiring in 2013. He plucks an estimate in the military history he shows at New York Condition College, when requested about current U.S. strategy. It develops from a French general after he observed the condemned control of the British Light Brigade from the Soviets within the Crimean War in 1854: “It is magnificent, but it’s not war,” Pierre Bosquet stated. “It is madness.”

Current U.S. commanders say their progress is restricted by the possible lack of local ground forces to retake territory from ISIS. They believed from the beginning the fight might take a minimum of 3 years, winning credit for candor which was MIA once the U.S. penetrated Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. U.S. authorities the anti-ISIS forces are earning slow, but steady, gains, as well as an offensive to retake Mosul can start by year’s finish (initially, the Government had penciled in April 2015 for that effort to retake northern Iraq’s biggest city).

But bombs or ground troops, on their own, can’t cure ISIS or whatever radical group springs up to replace it all. “Proposals to escalate or accelerate the campaign in Iraq and Syria to be able to hasten the Islamic Condition group’s defeat would accomplish a great deal under generally supposed,” states Stephen Biddle, a military analyst in the Council on Foreign Relations who advised then-general David Petraeus on Iraq from 2007 to 2009. “The problem isn’t taking Mosul or Raqqa—it’s what can come after. Stabilization is not likely with no investment greatly bigger than most People in america will support.” The U.S. has spent $3 trillion and nearly 7,000 lives attempting to bring stability to Afghanistan and Iraq, with little to exhibit for this. (For his part, Petraeus, who ran Central Command from 2008 to 2010, only acknowledges that “we’re waging war in a manner that is sort of unique.”)

Leon County, Tallahassee prep for Thursday’s storm – WCTV

Many of these plans, some pot effort between your county and Tallahassee.

Citizens there today, stated the job is worthwhile.

By: Mariel Carbone
August 31, 2016

“We are encouraging individuals to prepare yourself, using their lights, battery powered products,” stated Gillum. “The the fact is by using these storms you won’t ever will easily notice, who knows how prevalent an outage may be which means you don’t know how lengthy you may have to rely on yourself for that provision of power in your house,Inch

“We would like to try and become positive this time around. I have already dug a trench to assist, but that’s most likely not really enough,” stated Phil Carpenter, who filled 12 bags.

Citizens ought to use or make use of the mobile application DigiTally to report power outages at any time throughout the storm.

Storm barricades happen to be put down at a number of high flooding areas. Although streets aren’t closed yet, the twelve signs are prepared if necessary.

Finish of the era: Following promotion’s purchase, matchmaker Joe Silva departing UFC –

A UFC matchmaker because the promotion was possessed and run by SEG just before its purchase to Zuffa in 2001, Silva has labored for that UFC for 21 years.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity while he wasn’t openly approved to go over the problem.

Shelby, who presently runs the matchmaking for that featherweight division and below, along with the women’s divisions, will probably dominate because the UFC’s primary matchmaker, with the potential of new hires to fill his former role. Silva continues to be handling the lightweight division and above since Shelby found the UFC following the promotion’s merger using the WEC.

Silva’s departure can come around the heels from the UFC’s purchase to some group headed up by talent agency WME-IMG, an offer that Silva is stated to possess profited from like a company executive.

In 2013, Silva and fellow matchmaker Sean Shelby spoke to MMAjunkie concerning the stresses and emotional toll from the complex job. Using the payout he received because of the purchase, the source stated Silva intends to retire to hang out with his family.

For additional around the UFC’s approaching schedule, stay updated towards the UFC Gossips portion of the site.

Neither Silva, who typically doesn’t continue record using the media, nor the UFC make a proper announcement of Silva’s decision.

Minimum wage, police insurance will not perform New york ballot – KMSP-TV

There’s been an organization pushing for police officials to hold insurance in New york, but on August. 5 the town Council chosen 9-3 against placing the problem around the November ballot. The audience had collected the needed quantity of signatures to really make it a ballot issue, however the city attorney ruled it might violate condition law, counseling council people to election the measure lower.

– The Minnesota Top Court orders have been in: New york voters won’t see ballot questions suggesting a $15 minimum wage along with a requirement of police officials to hold personal insurance.

The Committee for Professional Policing released a release as a result of the choice. Group leaders launched the next claims:

The Service Employees Worldwide Union launched the next statement following the order came through:

The Final Court ruled “the district court properly made the decision the suggested insurance amendment  is preempted by condition law and, therefore, is improper and can’t be incorporated within the New york City Charter.”

Earlier this year, the New york City Council chosen from the minimum wage charter amendment petition after you have advice in the city attorney the wage issue was more legally appropriate being an ordinance. But, interest groups supporting a rise in the minimum wage required the problem to Hennepin County District Court and select Susan Robiner ruled the wage decision should show up on the November ballot.

US Marijuana Use Develops As Less People Be Worried About the potential risks – Live Science

Live Science

US Marijuana Use Develops As Less People Be Worried About the potential risks
Live Science
Marijuana use is rising within the U.S., and something reason might be that individuals see the drug as less dangerous than people did previously, based on new information. The authors from the new study say their findings, printed today (August. 31) within the
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Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey flaunt their romance because they cuddle up together on Instagram – Scottish Daily Record

Have Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey confirmed their romance?

“You might have been Mrs Gary Beadle however, you let me bang you after meeting you four hrs ago,” he added.

She shared easy of these both cuddled in bed as she performed around together with his hair.

Emma required to Instagram yesterday to boast about taking pleasure in a “lazy Monday” using the infamous ladies man.

The happy couple, who have been spotted a week ago at risk of to start dating ? night together , happen to be flaunting their romance on social networking.

Governor, lawmakers achieve deal for California climate funds –

“This plan will get us probably the most bang for that buck,” Brown stated inside a statement. “It directs 100s of millions where it’s needed most – to assist disadvantaged towns, curb harmful super pollutants and cut oil use – while saving some for future years.Inches

When the Set up and Senate sign off, the offer would finish 2 yrs of indecision over what related to $1.4 billion in revenues from California’s fee on polluters, referred to as cap-and-trade. About 60 % of program revenues are earmarked for particular projects including high-speed rail. The spending introduced Wednesday covers the rest of the 40 % as well as leaves $462 million money for hard times.

The budget is really a compromise between De Leon, who two days ago suggested spending almost all the accessible funds, and Rendon and Brown, who recommended a far more frugal approach, particularly given plummeting revenue and uncertainty concerning the program’s lengthy-term stability.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown and California’s top legislative leaders stated Wednesday they’ve arrived at a contract to invest $900 million on atmosphere-related programs, nearly two-thirds from the available money produced through the state’s cap on carbon pollution.

Still it requires approval in the Democratically-controlled condition Legislature, that is scheduled to complete its two-year session by night time on Wednesday.

Their deal, arrived at within the final hrs of these two-year legislative session, includes $363 million for clean vehicle incentives and 100s of millions for urban plants and efforts to produce cleaner air in disadvantaged towns. Additionally, it includes $50 million to lessen pollutants of methane along with other climate-altering gases connected with landfills and dairy production.

Meanwhile, lawmakers are thinking about legislation that will require steep reductions in a number of climate-altering gases referred to as short-resided climate pollutants, including methane, HFC gases utilized in aerosols and air-conditioning refrigerants and human-caused black carbon. It might require dairies and animals producers to lessen methane pollutants from cow wind and manure. Also it would aim to considerably reduce organic waste, which produces green house gases if this breaks lower in landfills.

Toys R Us intends to sell an array of American Girl dolls – La Occasions

“It’s a fairly steady but very slow progress,” Katz stated. “They aren’t from the forest yet.”


By entering , Mattel also offers an opportunity to achieve new clients who may be put off by the greater ritzy American Girl stores. The small-shops will carry WellieWishers, the latest American Girl line offering $60 dolls — about half the cost of numerous other American Girl dolls. The stores may also feature a unique assortment of Truly Me dolls and add-ons, which come in an array of skin color and hair colors.

Analysts stated differentiating the item available at stand-alone shops from that offered by is going to be type in not diluting the American Girl brand. Shoppers will still need to visit American Girl stores, for instance, to get the BeForever line, featuring dolls which appear as figures in magazines occur different eras of yankee history.

Mattel has become attempting to update American Girl, which endured an 7% sales loss of 2015. A vital area of the strategy, analysts stated, is attempting to achieve more eyeballs by growing the brand’s retail footprint.

Mattel has centered on reviving all of its key brands. Barbie dolls got that massive transformation captured. The toy maker also lately hired interior designer Jonathan Adler as creative director of baby and infant brand Fisherman-Cost.

“The most of parents continue to be shopping that old-fashioned way,” he stated. “When you enter a store in December, it’s very crowded.”