Day: October 28, 2016

California Will get $15M in Bernard Madoff Fraud Recovery Effort – ABC News

Which includes nearly $263 million in cash along with other assets towards the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities customer fund, and the other $15 million that’ll be administered through the California attorney general’s office to pay for claims by investors in companies run by Chais.

Nearly $9.5 billion of this money was already distributed. Disbursing all the details are likely to return greater than 65 % from the principal believed to possess been lost by Madoff customers whose claims happen to be permitted by trustees.

The settlement ends a 7-year-old suit filed through the condition attorney general against Stanley Chais, who billed what officials known as astronomical charges to take a position vast sums of dollars from greater than 460 frequently-seniors victims.

Investors within the Chais-operated companies cannot lay claim that they can the bigger amount of cash because that share goes to individuals who invested directly with Madoff, not through so-known as “feeder funds,” stated Kristin Ford, a spokeswoman for California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

The settlement with Chais’ widow along with other family people brings total recoveries associated with Madoff to greater than $11.4 billion, Stephen Harbeck, president and ceo from the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, stated inside a statement.

The agreement filed in federal personal bankruptcy court in New You are able to settles separate lawsuits against Chais that trustees stated will basically start his estate to his victims.

“For more than 3 decades, Stanley Chais unscrupulously defrauded Californians, most of them seniors, if you take their existence savings, charging steep charges, and funneling their cash to Bernie Madoff’s elaborate Ponzi plan,” Harris stated inside a statement.

Chais’ investors was clueless that the cash that they invested because the 1970s had been delivered to Madoff, who now’s serving a 150-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to fraud charges. The state’s suit states some lost their houses coupled with to maneuver along with their adult children.

IBM’s Watson AI Recommends Same Treatment as Doctors in 99% of Cancer Cases – Futurism


IBM&#39s Watson AI Recommends Same Treatment as Doctors in 99% of Cancer Cases
Watson suggested treatment plans that matched suggestions from oncologists in 99 % from the cases it examined and offered options doctors missed in 30 % of these. AI might be revolutionary for healthcare as it can certainly process a lot more research&nbsp…

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Germany ‘Folds’ to Sharia Law and Enables Child Marriages –

It isn’t certain the “Germany” image originates from Gaza, neither is it obvious in which the people pictured come from or what event they are taking part in. Catholic women receiving their First Breaking of the bread dress like brides.

Initially printed: 28 October 2016

Origin:On 18 October 2016, the press bait blog Political Ears published an image of youthful women in white-colored dresses standing alongside grown men in suits, supported through the assertion the image demonstrated “Germany has essentially fallen towards the Caliphate using the benefits of globalist Angela Merkel” by permitting men to marry children.

Nobody ought to be forced right into a marriage, not to mention underage women. These cases reveal that protections for kids and youth should also be relevant to refugees.

Aussie Dave.   “Now I Pronounce You Man and Young Girl?!Inch
    Israellycool.   29 April 2012.

Furthermore, the content notes the minimum age for marriage in Germany, such as the U . s . States, is eighteen. Despite parental consent teens can marry no more youthful than 16, so a married relationship from a child as well as an adult in Germany wouldn’t be legally permitted or sanctioned.

But resistant to the notion that German legislators are “folding” to “Sharia law” — blanket buzzwords frequently utilized by Islamophobes — lawmakers you will find thinking about how you can legally deal with such marriages, as Federal Family Matters Minister Manuela Schwesig told German reporters:

The first online appearance of the photograph we’re able to find happened in April 2012, once the blog Israellycool associated with a now-unavailable story in regards to a mass wedding in Gaza. Since that time the look continues to be spread everywhere on the internet by individuals claiming the pictured women are brides in a variety of Middle Eastern countries, including Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

Digital health deals: Vocera buys Extension, Red Mix-Teladoc and much more – MobiHealthNews


Digital health deals: Vocera buys Extension, Red Mix-Teladoc and much more
San Jose-based Vocera Communications, that provides communications services for hospitals and health systems, has acquired fellow clinical communications company Extension Healthcare for $55 million within an all-cash transaction.The purchase combines&nbsp…

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The Key To Some Effective Partnership? Leave Money Up For Grabs – Forbes

The Key To Some Effective Partnership? Leave Money Up For Grabs

Table I&#39ve been keen on financier Anthony Scaramucci for some time now, since I started watching Wall Street Week on Fox every Friday. As I don&#39t know him personally, apart from a couple of Twitter interactions, I leaped in the chance to get

Arsenal lower to simply one center-forward again! – Just Arsenal News

Arsenal lower to simply one center-forward again!
Just Arsenal News
Oh the irony from it all! It now appears very fortuitous that Arsene Wenger made the decision to transform Alexis Sanchez right into a center-forward at the outset of the growing season, because when expected the God of Injuries has made the decision to go to us again, because he does every

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Forget Freddy, Jason, and embrace Dracula, Frankenstein for Halloween – Seaside Courier

Dracula and Frankenstein are usually recognized because the nobleman from the movie monsters, since an uncountable quantity of films happen to be created using individuals figures, dating completely to the silent era.

Universal’s 1931 black-and-white-colored “Frankenstein,” which made Boris Karloff a weekend star, is to should start. But it’s better still when creating it a dual feature with “Bride of Frankenstein.” Together, they do constitute a kind of ongoing miniseries, but they’re less lengthy as that may suggest (each film runs under 75 minutes).

Similarly, A Virtual Detective hovers over pictures that invoke his name however in which he’s never a real character, for example “They May Be Giants,” where a deluded uniform just thinks he’s Holmes, and “Without an idea,Inches by having an actor hired to impersonate the imaginary detective.

The thing is the dilemma of minutiae. (What about “Dracula Meets Sherlock Holmes”? Now we’re onto something.)

However I digress.

If you like something colored, you will find the British Hammer Films versions that arrived on the scene within the late 1950s, “Curse of Frankenstein,” with Congressman Christopher Lee because the monster and Peter Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein (a job Cushing performed in six more films), and “Horror of Dracula,” with Lee making his debut because the caped count (that they would reprise nine occasions) and Cushing as Dr. Van Helsing.

If you’d favour fun, there are many Frankenstein and Dracula spoofs available. Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder’s “Young Frankenstein” is really a favorite, obviously, but when that’s too vulgar for you personally, take a look at “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” (that also features Dracula and also the Wolf Man), or “Love initially Bite,” with George Hamilton because the count, suffering culture shock in Manhattan.

Indigenous Youth Occupy Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters to Demand She Take Get up on #DAPL – Democracy Now!

DANIEL GRASSROPE: The struggle, well, we’re attempting to safeguard our water, and at this time it’s being threatened with this pipeline. And everybody within the Native nation recognizes that water is our first medicine. Water brings existence to everything—the plants, the trees, the 4-legged, you realize, the creatures that people eat, everything. It brings existence to all of us, generally. And it is just—you know, it’s essential we have water.

AMY GOODMAN: I needed to go to an estimate we read within the headlines of Bill McKibben—Bill McKibben, the founding father of—after he browse the statement the Clinton campaign released. Which is the very first time that Hillary Clinton, a minimum of her campaign, has released an announcement around the Dakota Access pipeline. Bill McKibben stated, “@HillaryClinton managed to create a statement concerning the Dakota Pipeline that literally states nothing. Literally.” Daniel, how about their response, they did released an announcement? And do you consider it’s acceptable?

AMY GOODMAN: Well, within an email to Democracy Now!, Clinton campaign spokesperson Tyrone Gayle authored, quote, “Secretary Clinton continues to be obvious that they thinks all voices ought to be heard and all sorts of views considered in federal infrastructure projects. Now, all the parties involved—including the us government, the pipeline company and contractors, the condition of North Dakota, and also the tribes—need to locate a path forward that serves the largest public interest. As that occurs, it’s essential that on the floor in North Dakota, everybody respects demonstrators’ legal rights to protest peacefully, and workers’ legal rights to complete their jobs securely,” unquote.

DANIEL GRASSROPE: Yes, we did. We would have liked to show a cultural event in Hillary’s campaign office. So we desired to bring our songs and prayer to inform her to oppose this pipeline, the youth, the long run leaders of the nation and also the future occupiers of the nation, don’t want this pipeline, since it will affect our water.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, we’re likely to go at this time upstate New You are able to. Daniel Grassrope, thanks a lot to be around.

DANIEL GRASSROPE: The response which i get, she’s telling people that—on the floor at the—North Dakota, that everybody respects the demonstrators’ legal rights to peacefully protest. So that as protectors of land, we’re peaceful. We’re there peacefully. We’re not there to violent or participate in any violent activity. We’re there to prevent this pipeline through prayer, and that’s what we’ve been doing right from the start.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: With no one in the campaign was prepared to sit lower and talk to you whatsoever?

DANIEL GRASSROPE: There’s really organizers beyond us which had that concept and introduced it to all of us. And we’re just, you realize, pleased to take part in it.

DANIEL GRASSROPE: Yes. There is 11 people that travelled in from Standing Rock.

Minnesota Sect Leader Will get 3 decades in Teen Sex Assault – ABC News

New You are able to Magazine

Minnesota Sect Leader Will get 3 decades in Teen Sex Assault

The best choice of the isolated religious sect in Minnesota was sentenced Friday to 3 decades imprisonment, days after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two teenage women who have been people of his community. Victor Barnard, 55, decided to the 30-year
Two Childhood Rape Survivors Are Ending a Cult Leader&#39s Terrifying ReignNew You are able to Magazine

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March. 28th , 2016 at 12:25 PM EDT – ProPublica


March. 28th , 2016 at 12:25 PM EDT
A federal court has purchased the clerk of Cabell County, West Virginia, to instantly begin accepting voter registration forms posted online, following the American Civil Liberties Union sued a week ago. Cabell County Clerk Karen Cole continues to be
Early voting begins in West VirginiaWSAZ-TV
West Virginia counts 24251 early voters on first dayMartinsburg Journal
Thousands Cast Ballots on First Day’s Early Voting West Virginia …West Virginia Public Broadcasting

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