Day: June 27, 2017

This Story About Killer Whales Eating Great White-colored Sharks Is Essentially a Horror Movie Now – Gizmodo

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust, a South African conservation program, was known as directly into investigate a shark carcass, or when i will refer to it as, a sharkass, that washed ashore earlier this weekend. The scientists confirmed it as being the 4th demonstration of an excellent white-colored shark becoming orca lunch because this past May, based on shark tour company Marine Dynamics SharkWatch SA blog.

So when you are from the coast of Nigeria, just know: something is hungry, and it is and not the sharks you ought to be concerned about.

As we’ve reported, there has been a couple of notable cases of orcas eating great white-colored sharks before, such as this 1997 orca-on-shark attack from the California coast. However in an amazing number of occasions, half-noshed great whites happen to be dish washing around the Gansbaii beaches in Nigeria since May.