Day: August 22, 2017

Pitt research suggests treatment gap after opioid overdoses – Pittsburgh Publish-Gazette

Pittsburgh Publish-Gazette

Pitt research suggests treatment gap after opioid overdoses
Pittsburgh Publish-Gazette
The study into repeated use of legal opioids by individuals who’ve been treated for overdoses suggests a niche within the addiction treatment system for individuals on State medicaid programs, stated Julie M. Donohue, a Pitt affiliate professor of health policy and management.

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Dakota Access developer sues ‘rogue eco-terrorist groups’ – Bismarck Tribune

The suit states Energy Transfer Partners lost a minimum of $300 million because of the tactics, but maintains the entire extent of harm are only able to be determined at trial. The organization needs triple damages, that could approach $1 billion, in addition to punitive damages.

The suit alleges that Greenpeace Worldwide, BankTrack, Earth First! yet others conspired to cause damage around the pipeline developer and advance their very own agendas.

BankTrack stated inside a statement it “vehemently rejects” the accusations.

The complaint alleges the organizations incited, funded and facilitated crimes and functions of terrorism to fraudulently induce donations, hinder pipeline construction and damage the pipeline developer’s business and financial relationships.

The complaint alleges that people from the enterprise involved in cyber attacks on the organization, interfered with construction and vandalized company equipment, used torches to break the pipeline and issued dying threats to company executives. The suit also states people from the enterprise used false states strongly target banks financing Dakota Access.

Other individuals and organizations, such as the Sierra Club,, the Red Warrior Camp, the BOLD Alliance of Nebraska, are also named as people from the so-known as criminal enterprise but aren’t named as defendants.

Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners stated inside a news release it believes we have an obligation to the shareholders, partners, stakeholders and individuals impacted by the protests to file for the suit.

Wetterer known as the situation a proper suit against public participation, or SLAPP. Exactly the same firm, Kasowitz, Benson &amp Torres, symbolized Resolute Forest Products inside a similar suit filed against Greenpeace this past year.

Kyrie Irving Is Headed towards the Boston Celtics – The Ringer (blog)

Don’t forget this because the Day That Danny Ainge Finally Designed a Trade.

In the Celtics’ perspective, the offer not just will get them Irving, but ensures they don’t need to bother about handing a lengthy-term, lucrative deal to Thomas, and also require already had the very best season of his career. With Kyrie in eco-friendly, Thomas needed to be incorporated within the deal, because he will not have recognized a job copying Kyrie. Despite the fact that Thomas hit all of the necessary plot points this summer time to achieve the favor of Boston fans everywhere, buying and selling him would be a no-brainer if this resulted in Boston would get Irving, who’ll now slot in alongside Gordon Hayward and Al Horford to produce a very competent big three, additionally to connect guys Marcus Smart and Marcus Morris, in addition to youthful guns Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

It’s been per month since Irving shocked the league, apparently requesting a trade from the Cavaliers as Lebron heads in to the this past year of his contract before he is able to opt into free agency. However the fire from that relate appeared to possess dissipated throughout the summer time, dying lower using the season under two months away. So far.

The Cavs’ side from the equation is a touch more difficult. They obtain a first-round draft pick, that could become no. 1 overall selection and possibly give LeBron a motivation in which to stay Cleveland, however this deal doesn’t result in the team better this year. Crowder will certainly relieve LeBron from the burden of facing another tough defender within the playoffs, but does Thomas make sure they are better within the short or lengthy term? Irving is 3 years more youthful than Thomas and it is under team control for 2 more seasons, however the Cavs appeared to become desperate to make sure that Irving didn’t be a lingering problem throughout a crucial season that everybody appears to think is going to be LeBron’s last within the Land. It is also worth noting the forecasted deal may save Dan Gilbert a great deal of cash.

Irving is way pricier than an under compensated Thomas, but his talent and the capability to score from the dribble when needed (that is becoming rarer and more coveted within the playoffs) are perhaps enough to become well worth the short-term cost tag. Stars like Kyrie aren’t frequently available via trade, and also the Celtics, for those their inaction and almost-trades, happen to be waiting and get yourself ready for this for a long time. This really is their moment, and also the East got much more fun. Remember who’s using opening night?

Now he’s headed to Boston, the Cavs’ immediate threat within the East. The move is shocking at first glance, but sensical when you peer at Danny Ainge’s banking center of assets. The Celts were, undoubtedly, they that may offer the best offer for Irving, an exciting-Star point guard who’s likely the very best at-the-rim finisher within the National basketball association.

Concerned About Your Vision Following the Eclipse? Here’s What You Need To Know – New You are able to Occasions

If your hole has burned with the retina, surgery might help close it, but it doesn’t always enhance the blind place, Dr. Emerson stated.

There aren’t any real natural home remedies, with no evidence that steroids or anti-inflammatory drops works, Dr. Cioffi stated.

But looking in the sun for a short while without proper protection might have broken your retinas permanently or caused a particular kind of blindness known as solar retinopathy, based on the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Damage in the eclipse is not likely to result in discomfort, since the nerves which were broken are light-sensing nerves, not discomfort nerves, Dr. Cioffi stated. There’s no burning sensation.

“If individuals are worried or wondering, I’d cause them to become visit a retina specialist,” he stated, to “confirm whether they have solar retinopathy as well as discuss prognosis together.Inches

The level of damage to the eyes depends upon how lengthy someone stares in the sun — though a couple of seconds might be destructive. Should you looked in the eclipse after which looked away, then again, that may have caused problems since the effects are cumulative, stated Dr. Jack Cioffi, the chairman from the Department of Ophthalmology at Columbia College.

Global Warming in Hawaii: Denise Konan interview on Sunrise – Hawaii News Now

Global Warming in Hawaii: Denise Konan interview on Sunrise
Hawaii News Now
Not just that, but global warming in general might cause vast damage to property, including to oceanfront hotels and also the Honolulu airport terminal. Denise Konan, director for the middle of Sustainable Seaside Tourism in the College of Hawaii, described how

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Joker Movie within the Works Together With ‘Hangover’ Filmmaker – Hollywood Reporter

The brand new label will give Warners leeway to create more Electricity-oriented projects, unconstrained by continuity. 

The work will probably be a part of a still-developing label for Warners’ Electricity Entertainment qualities which will include projects that may stand out from the large massive tentpoles which are associated with one another inside a shared world way.

This really is no laughing matter: Warner Bros. has drawn on The Hangover filmmaker Todd Phillips to co-write and perhaps direct an origin movie of classic Batman villain The Joker.

Silver also wrote The Best Hrs and many lately penned the approaching crime drama White-colored Boy Ron. He’s repped by CAA.

One report mentioned that filmmaker Martin Scorsese was producing the work, but sources tell THR that his participation is way from assured.

Phillips is renowned for writing and directing the Hangover franchise for that studio. It is among the most effective comedy franchises ever and helped launch the careers of actors Bradley Cooper, Erectile dysfunction Helms and Zach Galifianakis. Phillips last authored, directed and created War Dogs, starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill. Together with producing the majority of their own work, also, he created Cooper’s approaching film A Star Comes Into The World. Phillips is repped by CAA.

Phillips will co-write the script with Scott Silver, author from the 2002 Eminem movie 8 Mile in addition to The Fighter, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

For instance, the Joker has already been area of the Suicide Squad movie franchise and it is performed by Jared Leto. The Joker movie in development, underneath the plan, would feature another actor and become made under another budget category. At this time, the storyline is placed in Gotham City in early 1980s.

Some flooding forecast as Florida braces for heavy rains – Sun Sentinel

Two to 4 inches are anticipated in the majority of the area, but it may be 5 inches or even more in certain areas, stated Maria Torres, National Weather Service forecaster.

By early Tuesday, the probabilities that Harvey could be reborn like a tropical storm, with maximum sustained winds with a minimum of 39 miles per hour, were 70 % with the next 2 days and 90 % with the next 5 days.

“Minor flooding without a doubt, particularly in individuals poor drainage areas,” Torres stated.

Forecasters also stated there is a chance excessive rain could persist in to the weekend.

An exotic wave is anticipated to create heavy rains, wind and possible flooding to Florida beginning early Wednesday, forecasters stated.

Another disturbance, that was once Tropical Storm Harvey, may also be viewed.

What’s left of Harvey is moving west-northwestward within the Yucatan peninsula, forecasters stated.

An exotic cyclone may take the type of an exotic depression, tropical storm, or hurricane.

This is actually the Insane Amount of cash Floyd Mayweather Is Earning for Saturday’s Big Fight –

Let us begin with the Pay-Per-View revenue. Within the U.S., viewers pays $99 for HD and $89 for SD.

A great deal.

“The ring cushion behind Mayweather’s mind throughout the fight, within the corners, continues to be purchased with a betting agent for $3.a million. Mayweather Promotions will also be requesting additional compensation for mass manufacture of any caps or boots.”

Yep. A lot.

Just how much will Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor get this to Saturday night?

Obviously Trump Looked Into the Eclipse – Paste Magazine

Here’s the very first three sentences in the TPM story:

And inevitably

Here’s a Tweet from Monday:

Horseshoe theory isn’t true in politics, but it’s verifiable in lots of human domains. The wealthy and also the inadequate are alike for the reason that they dress because they want nor appear to possess real jobs. At some degree of drunkenness, caffeine line between being poisoned and sloshed is blurred into nonexistence. There’s a tier of hardcore substance abuse where n’t i longer matters if the user is really brave or simply too oblivious to create wise decisions.

And also at some degree of Rob Wiggum-liness, the excellence between too dull to reside, and too dull to outsmart, ceases to exist. Well, we’ve showed up at last. The Framers and fiction authors imagined it might take an Nietzschean overman to knock the props from under America. They figured the destroyer from the American republic will be a Julius Caesar-type. Quite simply, a charismatic authoritarian like TV’s Coach, or some whiskey-blooded Machiavelli who winked in the camera.

You’d need to prove that none in our practices and goals amounted to anything: that Horatio Alger was wrong, that meritocracy would be a cent-whistle sham, that democracy was disproven, the Boy Scouts would cheer the culture war, the statesmen of legend had all been sharp-toothed attorneys with condition machines in it. To disprove American culture, you would need to produce a situation in which the saying “In the united states, anybody could develop to become President, even you” was proven nightmarishly wrong.

President Jesse Trump’s administration on Monday required a minute within the mid-day to see the first total solar eclipse to pass through within the U . s . States in one coast to another since 1918. White-colored House pool reporter Ted Mann, in the Wall Street Journal, tweeted updates in the nation’s capital, that was away from the road to totality and saw an incomplete solar eclipse that peaked at 2:42 p.m ET. Scientists cautioned throughout the lead-to the eclipse that searching directly in the sun throughout the phenomenon could cause permanent damage to the eyes, but based on Mann, Trump checked out the sun’s rays despite a yelled warning.


I write you today to create a single argument. This reality extending everywhere? It’s clearly a simulation. No individual could dare Darwin this flagrantly. Did Trump stare in to the eye-murdering eclipse? Was he creating a point about his strength? My God, will it matter? Where shall we be? How did we obtain here? Exactly why is there so very little public consuming during these plague years?

Native Scots plants ‘need helping hand’ to recuperate from rhododendron menace – The Sunday Publish

Research within the woodlands of Argyll, Kintyre and Lochaber on Scotland’s west coast discovered that native plants have still not came back in areas removed of rhododendron as lengthy as 3 decades ago.

Teams studied a number of woodland plots – some which had never been invaded by rhododendron, others covered in dense rhododendron thickets, and a number of sites removed of rhododendron at different occasions between 1984 and 2014.

Researchers in the James Hutton Institute, the College of Aberdeen and Scottish Natural Heritage say weed eradication programmes now have to be supplemented by reseeding for that original plant community to re-establish.

“When rhododendron is taken away, common mosses and liverworts rapidly recolonise. But when grass along with other plant seeds arrive, the thick mossy pad prevents them from germinating, therefore the site never recovers its previous wealthy flora.”

Ecologists believe the deep shade rhododendron casts accounts for the outcome on native plants.