Day: January 1, 2018

$econd Chance: The Economic Case For Drug Treatment Over Jails – WOUB

Taylor said the healing center would provide long-term rehabilitation that would help people get back on their feet. Taylor wants it to be more than a basic detox facility. The center would include peer support, life skills, and education or vocational training. Taylor said he wants people to be able to become tax-paying members of their community again.

“It didn’t take long looking at our statistics to realize that we really didn’t have a jail problem, that we had a drug problem,” he said.

ReSource reporters Aaron Payne and Mary Meehan contributed to this report. 

Hudnall said he was almost homeless when he entered the treatment program. Now he has a place to live, a steady job and a car.

Wilson said the criminal justice system is often the first chance someone with substance use disorder has at getting treatment. He said prosecutors and judges need to be patient. They may well see the same offender more than once. Although it can be frustrating he said they have to try.

Imagine living and working somewhere designed to fit a couple hundred people. Now picture that same space crammed with twice that number. Madison County, Kentucky, Jailer Doug Thomas doesn’t have to imagine it. He lives it.

Eric Hudnall, of Athens, Ohio, was prescribed opiate painkillers after a car accident left him with a painful neck injury. He became dependent on the pills and soon, a growing addiction and some bad social influences led to his arrest for breaking into a home. That landed him in front of a prosecutor who opted to offer Hudnall a drug treatment facility instead of jail.