Day: January 9, 2018

Maryland seeks to turn health care mandate into down payment – ABC News

Feldman co-chaired a state commission created last year to monitor federal changes to the health care law. He said the legislation is an innovative approach to help stabilize Maryland’s individual insurance market, after actions at the federal level threaten to disrupt it. Supporters say more than 200,000 uninsured Maryland residents could be affected. They also say the measure would help hold down rates to help those who buy insurance directly.

In Washington state, lawmakers are considering a measure requiring residents to ensure that they and any of their dependents maintain minimum essential health care coverage each month, unless they are exempted.

State Sen. Jim Rosapepe, a Democrat, said the plan would affect everyone who buys their insurance directly instead of through their employer in Maryland, because insurance rates will go through the roof once the federal changes take effect.

“We’re saying instead of just paying the penalty and being off the rolls, we’re going to take those dollars and deploy them in such a way as to use it as a down payment to allow you to make a decision to actually purchase health insurance,” said state Sen. Brian Feldman, a Democrat representing a district in Maryland’s most populous county.

But state Sen. Michael Hough, a Republican, said the proposal is a terrible idea and that he’s surprised to hear his colleagues propose it.

Supporters outlined the proposal Tuesday, a day before the Maryland legislative session begins, adding it could also work in other states to help keep insurance premiums from skyrocketing. The Maryland General Assembly is controlled by Democrats.

“If we don’t pass this bill, hundreds of thousands of working people who already have insurance will see their insurance premiums skyrocket,” Rosapepe said.

Naughty, explicit, racist: 2017’s rejected Florida license plates –

One person even tried to sneak through the f-word in Italian. Google it. We’re not going to repeat it here.

How about this one: KXKKXXK. It’s likely not a reference to a particular white supremacist group. Instead, internet forums suggest the point was to make it difficult for police officers and others to read the tag.

And don’t even think about submitting tags with more sexually explicit and overtly racist messages, the ones that can’t be published on a family-friendly website.

You’ll never get DAMNED.

Florida allows motorists to request personalized license plates — within reason. But every year, some drivers are determined to stretch the bounds of decency and good judgment to see what they can get away with.

Most don’t test the rule. A few ignore it. In all, department officials nixed 51 plates last year.

Among the most creative motorists were those trying to work in a well-known four-letter vulgarity that starts with the letter “f”. There were many variations: One tag told of a driver who gives zero fs. One used vulgarity to express disdain for the Islamic State terrorist group, stating simply: F ISIS.

Another expressed utter confusion at the state of today’s world: WTF03.

The state even offers a nifty tool that allows drivers to check tag availability.

Time Is The Ultimate Success, Not Money – Entrepreneur

Do you really love exotic cars and want a Ferrari, but you’re just settling on the Mercedes? Take that money, buy some more time, and spend it building a business that makes you the money instead of your boss. Instead of that Benz, put that money into buying more time. That’s now what defines you as successful. 

This isn’t a rant promoting unadulterated laziness. I’m a firm believer in work, especially deep work in your creative pursuits and hard labor in your physical pursuits. I’m also a firm believer in not doing what you hate.

Related: 5 Ways to Get Your Time Back

But that shouldn’t be the reason for our lifetime of toil. It should be for time. You see, time is the true measure of success — the real currency of an entrepreneur.

For some, that’s cars, watches, boats and all of the other flashy things we see scrolling through Instagram. For others, it’s art or travel. Everyone has their own definition of luxury.

Bruce Arians: Nick Saban ‘Covets’ Giants HC Job, Could Leave Alabama for NFL – Bleacher Report

When asked why the Giants would be so appealing, Arians simply said, “Because they’re the New York Giants.”

While the Giants job is open after Ben McAdoo was fired Dec. 4, there are tons of questions about a team that went just 3-13 in 2017. Even if Eli Manning remains the starting quarterback, the gig would be a major reclamation project for a man who is already in a great position.

Per Steve Berkowitz of , the veteran coach made $11.1 million this season and is signed through 2025.

Though Saban may be up for the challenge of moving to the NFL, he is also set for plenty more success at Alabama.

On The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Tuesday, the former Arizona Cardinals coach said Saban covets the New York Giants job:

“When we grew up, they were the thing,” he said.

Arians, 65, announced his retirement from coaching Jan. 1. A year older, Saban may not want to make another career shift.

“It wouldn’t surprise me. There’s a job he covets and it just happens to be open… The Giants.” — @BruceArians on Nick Saban returning to the NFL

‘Honourable Gangsta’ MP performs rap on Brexit in the Commons ‘to sum up the current situation’ – Evening Standard

Ms Bardell’s performance came after she warned that the Trade Bill, being debated by MPs, lacks detail, and said any trade deal must protect Scottish protected foods.

“How will history judge our politicians of today? All of us here, not well I say.

Hannah Bardell ended a speech in the chamber with what she described as “a little lyric” that “sums up the current situation”.

“The Irish border was the sticking point and the DUP.

“Blue passports we’re told, ah perfect, imported they’ll be.

“Phase one was a floundering mess, the Prime Minister said she did her best.

“Choose Brexit, choose a new queue, at the airport we’ll be going through.

“The Brexit spool unravels, our economy headed south.

With additional reporting by Press Association

These are the first housemates nominated for eviction in Celebrity Big Brother 2018 – Radio Times

India Willoughby and Jonny Mitchell are the first stars nominated for eviction in Celebrity Big Brother.

Five of the celebrities were immune from being voted out of the house. They were:

Celebrity Big Brother airs daily at 9pm on Channel 5

Presenter Emma Willis entered the house for the face-to-face nominations, with the women having to leave the pictures of the two people they wanted to nominate in a gold envelope.

Who would YOU evict first, given the chance to pick from ALL the housemates? Even those who’ve been given immunity.

Malika nominated Andrew Brady and Ann Widdecombe, while Rachel Johnson nominated India Willoughby and Jonny Mitchell. Ashley James, Amanda Barrie and Maggie Oliver also chose to nominate India and Jonny.

Kodak creating KodakCoin, develops its own cryptocurrency system –

In a press release announcing the move, Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke acknowledged the current cryptocurrency craze, but said the launch of the KodakOne platform was an extension of the company’s 130-year long tradition to help empower photographers.

said “The move comes as investors snap up virtually any asset related to digital coins or the blockchain technology that underpins them — no matter how tenuous the tie.” 

The company describes KODAKCoin as “a new economy for photography,” which will allow photographers to receive payment for licensing their work immediately upon sale, sell their work confidently on a secure blockchain platform. 

The Financial Times was more blunt in its criticism, calling it “Kodak’s last desperate bid for relevance.”

Conboy says that analysts have been concerned for several quarters that Kodak’s core businesses didn’t seem to be taking the company in a positive direction. He’s skeptical whether this cryptocurrency initiative represents a sustainable business.

Joe Marler to miss England’s Italy and Wales games after six-week ban – The Guardian

The Guardian

Joe Marler to miss England's Italy and Wales games after six-week ban
The Guardian
Joe Marler waits for the verdict from the TMO before being sent off during Harlequins' defeat at Sale. Photograph: Tim Williams/Action Plus via Getty Images. England rugby union team. Joe Marler to miss England's Italy and Wales games after six-week
Joe Marler given six-week ban to rule England prop out of Six Nations matches with Italy and WalesThe Independent
England's Joe Marler banned for first TWO 6 Nations matches against Italy and
Joe Marler and Ben Te'o to miss start of Six NationsSkySports -Daily Mail -BBC Sport
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Montverde soccer institute to run Orlando City academy – Daily Commercial

Players in the USSDA are coached within the Orlando City system and the organization’s philosophy of play. They are taught the game by professional coaches.

According to the Orlando City website, the organization’s USSDA is Florida’s leading program for developing players between the ages of 8 and 18. In fact, Orlando City is the only soccer club in the state with a USSDA program and an Elite Clubs National League program.

Under the agreement, Orlando City’s USSDA U-15, U-17 and U-19 boys age groups will relocate from Sanford to Montverde Academy by the end of January. The girls teams and the boys U-12 and U14 groups will remain in Sanford.

The Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy will manage and operate Orlando City Soccer Club’s U.S. Soccer Development Academy program.

Leitao said the partnership will allow for more investment at the elementary youth levels. Beginning in February, free early childhood soccer development programs for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 12 will be available at Montverde Academy.

Popular New Jersey radio host killed in alleged murder-for-hire plot, husband among those charged – ABC News

Prosecutors alleged that Augello, who is charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering, “propositioned a number of individuals to murder April Kauffman,” all of which prosecutors claimed were members of the Pagans, a biker group also known as the Pagan Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Prosecutors said a man named Francis Mulholland, now deceased, was the one who killed April Kauffman, shooting her twice, and received $20,000 in cash in exchange.

According to prosecutors, the racketeering charges stem from “the illegal distribution of narcotics through James Kauffman’s former medical practice.” Prosecutors allege that James Kauffman and Augello had set up an illegal drug distribution network for Oxycontin and that James Kauffman wanted his wife killed after she threatened to divorce him and to expose the alleged fraudulent drug network.

In the months leading up to April Kauffman’s death, those closest to her said she confided to them that she was planning to leave her husband.

Detectives and prosecutors went to court for an order to take the husband’s DNA. At the same time, a separate case dealing with pharmaceuticals was percolating around the country. When James Kauffman’s name popped up in that case, authorities went to his office with a search warrant on June 13.

The Kauffmans’ marriage had lasted a little over a decade — the two were married on Valentine’s Day in 2003. By some accounts, the relationship had grown strained by the time April Kauffman was killed.

Meanwhile, Tyner’s team quietly worked to build the homicide case. The charges against James Kauffman and seven other alleged accomplices were announced during a news conference late Tuesday afternoon.