Day: January 12, 2018

Here’s what we wanted to see from CES, but didn’t –

We love DJI’s new Osmo Mobile 2, a gimbal steadicam for your smartphone, to bring cinematic quality to your hand-held videos, but it’s a two-year old product. That said, DJI lowering the price from $300 to $129 caught our attention. 

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Jefferson Graham reports from CES 2018, where this year, with hot new robots from LG and Sony, it looks like robots are poised to finally go mainstream.

Most of the talk at CES was about new uses for the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in voice computing. Apple got in Siri to a few as well, via the Apple HomeKit software. And then there’s poor Bixby. 

The mammoth technology convention formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show was stacked with home and bath products this year. While a new Kohler toilet  is Bluetooth-enabled and lets you flush by asking Alexa to do just that, it was hard to lump these appliance upgrades in with some of the technological leaps that really made a mark in our lives. 

NASA image reveals the incredible cloud belts of Jupiter. – Brinkwire (press release)

Juno was positioned at a latitude of 57.57 degrees – nearly three-fifths of the way from the gas giant planet’s equator to its north pole. 

Intersecting the belt is a ghost-like feature of slithering white clouds. 

It was processed and colour enhanced by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstadt and Sean Doran. 

This illustration depicts Juno soaring over Jupiter¿s swirling cloud top. The craft comes close to the surface of Jupiter for just a few hours once every 53 days. The probe can't take images through the duration of the flyby, and instead targets select regions during each close approach

‘Because of the Juno-Jupiter-sun angle when the spacecraft captured this image, the higher-altitude clouds can be seen casting shadows on their surroundings,’ Nasa said in a statement at the time. 

A ‘string of pearls’ was pictured in the image at 40 degrees south latitude on the gas giant planet.

A stunning Nasa image shows raging storms on Jupiter with clouds that stretch for thousands of miles. The spacecraft captured the image, which has been colour-enhanced, while only 11,700 miles (19,000 km) from the tops of Jupiter¿s clouds


Tax law: Everything advisers need to know about the pass-through provision – InvestmentNews

$20,000 (20% of business income); or

Service businesses include those in fields like health, law, consulting, athletics, financial services and brokerage services. It excludes engineering and architecture services, and other things like real estate and rental properties.

Example 2: The same business owner now has total taxable income of $300,000 (which exceeds the phase-out income limit). The business pays $15,000 in wages but has no depreciable assets. The owner will exclude from tax the lesser of:

The new tax law’s provision on pass-through entities could provide substantial tax savings to both financial advisers and clients this year.

The non-service-firm examples won’t apply to advisory firms themselves. But, they could be valuable for some advisers’ non-service-business-owner clients.

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The Republican tax bill, which President Donald J. Trump signed into law Dec. 22, created a new section in the tax code — Section 199A — that provides a 20% tax break to some pass-through business entities.

Supreme Court will look at Texas gerrymandering case, Internet sales tax – Washington Post

South Dakota took the lead, and told the court it was time to overturn the precedent, Quill Corp. v. North Dakota.

The Supreme Court on Friday added a third examination of discriminatory gerrymandering to its docket, this time from Texas, and announced it will consider overruling a decades-old precedent that hobbles states from requiring online retailers to collect sales tax.

It is also notable because it is another case for which the Trump administration’s Justice Department switched sides. It says it now agrees with Lucia and others in the business community who say that the SEC’s way of appointing the judges violates the Constitution.

The case is Lucia v. SEC.

The case is South Dakota v. Wayfair.

It had ordered the state to redraw the lines in time for the 2018 elections. Instead, Texas asked the Supreme Court to put the rulings on hold until justices could review the ruling’s merits.

[Supreme Court takes new gerrymandering case from Maryland]

The sales-tax case represents a consolidated effort by states to overturn a 1992 Supreme Court decision upholding a constitutional rule that barred requiring vendors to collect sales tax on mail-order sales unless the business had a “physical presence” in the state.

At issue is whether the SEC’s administrative law judges are employees or, because they wield significant decision-making authority, are “inferior officers” covered by the Constitution’s “appointments clause.”

John Beilein in advance of Michigan State matchup: ‘I’m not a hater’ –

Beilein was asked if there was a new injury and responded, “I’m not at liberty to say.”

The guess here is that Livers doesn’t start in such a hostile environment, but that Beilein won’t hesitate to turn to his freshman forward even quicker than normal against Michigan State’s big, talented frontcourt of Miles Bridges, Jaren Jackson, and Nick Ward.

Wagner had to this to say about his foot: “It’s more mental to be honest with you. You have something to think about on the court, one thing more, which is obviously not a good thing. It’s kind of a distraction. You calculate every movement a little more. You’re a little more alert about your body, which can be good but when it’s about moving it’s not good. It’s a little annoying, but I guess it’s part of it.”

Beilein said he believes Michigan State is the best team in the country. On top of that, the Breslin Center can be a powerful sixth man. Beilein called it “one of the more festive atmospheres in the Big Ten” and he’s interested to see how his younger players handle it. “If those three freshmen are out there playing, how are they going to react?”

“We’re not going to judge our season’s success whether it’s one game or two games,” Beilein said. “We’re going to judge it on, ‘Did we compete for the Big Ten championship? Did we make the NCAA Tournament? And who’s playing last at the end of the year? Are we one of the Big Ten teams?’ … We’re not going to judge it on, ‘Did we beat this team or beat that team?’ In basketball I think that would be the wrong way to judge your season.”

Florida got an exemption to the offshore drilling plan. Now 12 other states want one too. – Vox


Florida got an exemption to the offshore drilling plan. Now 12 other states want one too.
It's also created an odd coalition of opponents including environmental groups and Republican governors in coastal states like South Carolina and Florida. But on Tuesday, the Department of Interior was already starting to walk back parts of its
Florida Receives Offshore Drilling Exemption; Others Want It, TooNPR
Senators from 12 states seek offshore drilling exemptions like Florida's
Decision to exempt Florida from offshore drilling prompts bipartisan uproarWashington Post
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Vic Fangio agrees to new deal to remain with Bears –

LAKE FOREST, Ill. — The Chicago Bears have agreed to a new deal with defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, the team announced.

The Bears’ defense finished in the top 10 in passing yards (seventh), points allowed (ninth) and total yards (10th) allowed in 2017. Chicago ranked 11th in rushing defense.

Fangio has coached a total of 31 years in the NFL, with additional stops in Baltimore, Houston, Indianapolis, Carolina and New Orleans.

Fangio’s contract is for three years, a league source told ’s Adam Schefter.

“That’s a very important hire for me,” Nagy said during his introductory news conference. “There are a lot of things that go into that decision, and Vic and I have talked. We understand that. We understand the situation. … We’re going to attack that full steam ahead, and we’re going to make a clear decision about what’s best for Vic and what’s best for this organization.”

Still, the Bears and Nagy were eager to retain Fangio, who inherited one of the NFL’s worst defenses in 2015 and coached the unit back to respectability over the course of three seasons.

Fangio had been in discussions with the Bears the past few days about a possible return, even though he was free to negotiate with other clubs beginning Tuesday.

The Bears officially announced the hiring of offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich and special-teams coordinator Chris Tabor earlier on Friday.

No longer termed a ‘failure,’ California’s cap-and-trade program faces a new critique: Is it too successful? – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

No longer termed a 'failure,' California's cap-and-trade program faces a new critique: Is it too successful?
Los Angeles Times
Cap-and-trade is a linchpin of a regulatory regime that has placed California in the forefront of the battle against climate change through restrictions on greenhouse gases. The stakes have never been higher: Not only are the consequences of climate

UPDATE 1-US Supreme Court takes up state online sales tax dispute – Reuters

(Adds details, background on case, paragraphs 3-11)

The National Retail Federation and 35 states urged the high court to take up South Dakota’s appeal. In its brief, the retail group said that software is now widely available that makes it easy for retailers to collect sales tax.

Kennedy questioned the 1992 precedent, set in a case called Quill Corp v. North Dakota, and said the high court should reconsider it due to the explosive growth of online sales.

WASHINGTON, Jan 12 () – The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide whether to expand the ability of states to require online retailers to collect sales tax, taking up South Dakota’s dispute with three e-commerce companies.

Some online retailers, including leading player Inc, already collect state sales tax but others do not.

By Lawrence Hurley

The state law was passed partly in response to a concurring opinion written by Justice Anthony Kennedy in a unanimous 2015 Supreme Court ruling that allowed a challenge to a Colorado law encouraging retailers to collect the taxes to go forward.

Bank Execs Sing Praises of New Tax Law as Windfall Looms – U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report

Bank Execs Sing Praises of New Tax Law as Windfall Looms
U.S. News & World Report
Bank Execs Sing Praises of New Tax Law as Windfall Looms. Two of the nation's biggest banks _ JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo _ indicated Friday that they expect to see significant future benefits from the recently enacted GOP tax bill, through both

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