Day: January 12, 2018

Chris Foerster out of rehab, hopes to coach again –

Foerster resigned as the Dolphins’ offensive line coach in October, after the video surfaced.

“Not like exposed, but I want this out of my life. I can’t do this anymore. All this s— I had going on outside of work, I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to drink anymore. I don’t want to use anymore. And sure enough, two weeks later, the video came out. So you can say it’s divine intervention. It wasn’t the way I saw everything leaving my life like that. But I knew it was coming. At 55 years old, man, I just couldn’t do this anymore.”

“Is that going to be on the high school level? The college level? Is it never going to be again? Then maybe it’s never again. I had 25 years in the league and 10 in college. I’ve been blessed. I made a terrible mistake and I’m responsible for it, and I didn’t go to treatment because I wanted to get my job back,” he told the website. “I knew this s— was out of control. It’s been the most humbling experience. But it’s what I needed.”

Foerster was 55 at the time of the video’s release and spent his 56th birthday in rehab.

He told that the video was filmed during a stretch when he had used cocaine for eight or nine straight days. The video was leaked by Kijuana Nige, who said she released it to expose racial inequality in America. Foerster said he met Nige in California when the Dolphins were relocated by Hurricane Irma.

Former Miami Dolphins assistant Chris Foerster told that he hopes to coach again after completing rehab and that the release of the video showing him using cocaine was what he needed to clean up his life.

Chris Foerster resigned Monday after a video surfaced, showing the Dolphins offensive line coach snorting a white powder off a table before a meeting.

Mars has ice sheets 130 metres thick hiding below its red dust – New Scientist

New Scientist

Mars has ice sheets 130 metres thick hiding below its red dust
New Scientist
Just below the surface, Mars is full of ice. New observations have revealed steep cliffs cut out of thick sheets of ice, which may be able to tell us about the planet's climate over the past millions of years. We know from previous radar studies that
Massive Subsurface Ice Sheets Could Support Life on MarsNewsweek

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Raiders, radiators and a row over chips dominate a darkly funny Derry Girls episode 2 – Radio Times

The gang turned to Mary and Sarah for salvation, attempting to spin a story about Michelle tripping with a scented candle. As Erin’s mother fumed, Sarah sat glued to the television, eager to catch her five minutes of fame. “He barely had those shoelaces a week John,” she told the interviewer, and Mary had a lightbulb moment. They’d tie the kids to the radiators and blame mysterious masked raiders for the whole thing.

Masked men bursting into a home and tying someone up is no laughing matter, but Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee managed to take a terrible situation and turn it into the belly-aching plot driver of the second episode of her new Channel 4 comedy.

And they might have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for Fionnuala’s locked back door. When the chippy owner returned home to find the kids tied up and her curtains charred, love was most definitely not all around. In fact, the stage looked set for at least four funerals as a wide-eyed Mary attempted to spin her own yarn about a scented candle.

But the gang were stopped in their tracks by the trip’s £375 price tag. “Just dip into your trust fund,” suggested the endlessly jovial Jenny, whose parents had put aside cash to see her through school and university.

“I’ve stopped answering my own phone all together for fear it’s him,” said Sarah, while Joe refused to talk to the brother he described as a “boring shite”. It fell to Mary to make small talk with her uncle, who revealed he was in the police station, having been tied to his radiator with his new shoelaces by a pair of masked gunmen, who broke into his house and stole his van. “He is traumatised Gerry,” said Mary, who promptly invited Colm around for dinner, hilariously adding that he’d “take a steak and kidney pie.”

Gerry and Joe (Ian McElhinney) had a brilliant back and forth over the number of bags of chips to order as aunt Sarah (Kathy Kiera Clarke steals almost every scene with delicately delivered one-liners) tottered in, wondering if she might have a trust fund herself. And then, in the middle of it all, the dreaded Uncle Colm phoned.

Having ditched the scrubbing bush for a bottle of Sambucca she found in Fionnuala’s cupboard, Michelle suggested a rave upstairs, much to Erin’s horror. “Don’t be such a shower of borebags,” she laughed, before spilling the tray of flaming shots on the chippy owner’s carpet and setting her curtains alight. Had it not been for the wee English fella’s quick thinking with a fire extinguisher, the place would have burned down in seconds.

The Derry Girls reconvened to discuss their newfound poverty down at the local chippy, where furious fast food queen Fiona struck fear into the hearts of every customer – bar Michelle, of course, who had no trouble giving her lip. As they waited for the food to fry clever Clare declared they’d just have to get jobs, and they perused the chippy’s jobs board for potential money making opportunities.