“Footballers are appropriately screened for potential heart disease using rigorous tests – so we believe that this ought to be the situation for lung and breathing issues.

In a small amount of players who also completed exercise tests, individuals treated for formerly undetected bronchial asthma also demonstrated a larger rise in their maximum exercise capacity than all of those other sample.

The research, that was the very first available in scope and scale, was jointly conducted through the College of Kent and also the Royal Brompton Hospital, London, and assessed the airway health insurance and impact of treatment in 97 elite male footballers undergoing pre-season fitness and medical screening.

Researchers presenting in the British Thoracic Society’s Winter Meeting working in london will demand all top clubs to apply a lung health screening programme to assist identify individuals with airway problems and treat them appropriately.

Greater than a quarter of elite footballers, screened from top clubs across England, have exercise-caused bronchial asthma (EIA), research finds.

“Our study has proven an advanced of airway problems which was not formally diagnosed before – since you can’t always predict them from signs and symptoms alone, and players might not report signs and symptoms, believing them to become a normal reaction to spending so much time.

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