Macias states information ongoing to research and expenses haven’t been eliminated.

Police in Central California say two family dogs wiped out a 3-day-old baby after her mother left her around the couch and walked away for any couple of seconds.

Macias states the 2 male dogs, that are thought to be a mixture of shar-pei and dog are possessed through the 33-year-old woman’s brother. He gave up the dogs towards the Central California Society for Protection against Cruelty to Creatures. SPCA spokesperson Walter Salvari states the dogs is going to be euthanized.

The infant died in a hospital soon after the attack Monday.


Fresno Police Sgt. Dan Macias informs the Fresno Bee ( the lady’s mother had left the doorway open since it was hot and she or he thought the dogs were tangled up within the backyard.

Information from: The Fresno Bee, http://world wide web.fresnobee. com

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  1. Brittany Shorey

    Wiped out? What an inconsiderate choice of words. I’m very disappointed in the editor of this news article. What a horrific tragedy and loss of a precious human being. A soul that is safe in Home now.

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