…you might finish up harming yourself.

…and whatever it was.

5. Promoting drug use: Cyrus, Rihanna and Chris Brown are among several celebs who’ve published on Instagram pics of themselves with joints or blunts.

(And she’s pregnant together with her and Alec’s third child, too! If you’re also expecting, it might be better to talk to your doctor before trying such physical activity.)

1. Victoria Beckham‘s leg pose: The style designer and Spice Women singer likes to demonstrate her versatility in high heel shoes…for those who have none (versatility, that’s), it is best to steer clear of the discomfort. Damn, it affects just searching.

Or—holy crap!—this…

Social networking, especially Instagram, is how a lot of us and celebs visit showcase the very best facets of existence…probably touched up and strained.

However, even though many posts could be inspiring, some could be questionable as well as harmful. Kids, it is best to not test these five things in your own home.  

While it isn’t confirmed that they really contained pot or any other (federally) illegal or questionable substances, it isn’t probably the most positive message to transmit to fans, especially more youthful ones.

Which reminds me…

3. Essentially anything Steve-O does: The Jackass star and daredevil also uses Instagram to showcase his wild stunts, including putting a poisonous spider on the man’s oral cavity, climbing onto the top of the a ship…

2. …essentially anything Hilaria Baldwin does: Alec Baldwin‘s wife is definitely an experienced yoga instructor. If you’re not and should you choose this…

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