THOMAS LAMBERTON: I am talking about, I am not consuming. That’s to begin with. And also you know, when you are not consuming, you’re destined to be healthier. And I’ve got a spot to put food within the refrigerator.

MEGAN THOMPSON: Mental health specialist Chad Koyanagi assesses mental illness and addictions.

Louise WAHAB: Hi Charles! Can One have a look at the legs?

MEGAN THOMPSON: But Lamberton states his new house has restored not only his health.

MEGAN THOMPSON: Housing First is when Thomas Lamberton, destitute for eight years, experienced his apartment about 2 yrs ago.

MEGAN THOMPSON: Gaining trust to obtain people healthy …. And right into a home.

BRANDEE MENINO, HOPE SERVICES HAWAII: Our destitute figures have decreased statewide.

MEGAN THOMPSON: Phillips directs outreach for that Institute for Human Services, the state’s largest destitute services provider. His first stop — a pavement encampment stretching two blocks near downtown Honolulu. Phillips knows what it’s prefer to sleep on these roads. About about ten years ago, he battled with addiction and it was destitute too.

SCOTT MORISHIGE: Because we all know the faster you will get someone into housing and an item of stability, the greater positive impact you’ll have for your person.

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