report from confirms last month’s rumors that Airbnb will launch a brand new apartment complex in Florida together with a genuine estate firm. The rental company intends to pitch the place as prime chance for periodic tenants who can rent their units out for approximately 180 days annually.

The Kissimmee location may have keyless doorways and lengthy-term storage for tenants to easier book their units while away. Hosts uses an exclusive application to arrange renters and coordinate cleaning services, that are mandatory. You’ll also have a “master host” on-site to, presumably, supervise the place.

For revenue, Newburg will require a 25 % cut from each rental, Airbnb will require its usual 3 % and also the tenant can get the remainder. It will be interesting to find out if Airbnb exports this model with other property partners later on because it is constantly on the try prying more business from hotels.

Property developer Newgard Development Group will construct the 300-unit building situated in Kissimmee, Florida and open it up the coming year. Located just south of Orlando, the complex is going to be poised to lure vacationers and workers from hotels, the ultimate objective of the venture. Newgard intends to build five more such Airbnb-partnered apartment complexes amounting to two,000 total units within the next 2 yrs, its leader told .

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