“The Ministry also noted a total of 587 amputations last year and these amputation refers to the amputations  that resulted from diabetes, injury and road accidents to name a few,” Ms Akbar said.

Edited by Naisa Koroi

“There are financial costs associated in facilitating these treatments: last year, the ministry had assisted 106 patients in accessing overseas treatment and this included those in urgent need of highly risk, cardiac surgeries.

“The ministry has spent close to around $1 million dollars to send these patients for overseas treatment, particularly supporting treatments through Coronary Artery Bypass Graft.

She said every year the ministry would send a number of patients with cardiac diseases (heart diseases) for treatment overseas.

“A total of 46 patients were assisted for open heart surgery performed by overseas surgeons and this amounted to $265,560.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services had spent close to $1 million to help 106 Fijian patients access overseas treatment last year.

Minister Rosy Akbar highlighted this during the launch of the Courts and Sports World Health and Fitness Month at Courts in Rodwell Road, Suva, on Friday.

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