It famously found a mind throughout the final minutes of the match at St James’ Park in 2001 when Shearer conceded a throw-all the while attempting to run lower the time. With Newcastle 4-3 up, Keane wasn’t best pleased. He selected in the ball at put it at Shearer.

“She got the hump at this and put the ball inside my mind,” Shearer stated. “I can not remember things i stated, but he attempted to throw a punch at me and also got a red card. Minutes later, I am walking lower the tunnel there he’s, awaiting me. Our teammates wouldn’t why don’t we get together to stay things.”

The storyline echoes another Shearer interview, this time around with FourFourTwo in 2015.

“He punched me hard once, at St James’ Park, did not he?” Shearer stated. “She got that red card, he walked from the pitch, it had been the final minute from the game and he’d received the red card, and that he was awaiting me towards the top of the tunnel. Obviously, we attempted to obtain one another so we could not, it had been like hold me back, don’t hold me back, but we could not reach one another, it could have been interesting.”

Talking with the real Geordie podcast (where else?) Shearer says the bust-up did not finish there, using the fracas almost spilling over in to the tunnel publish-match.

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