All eight Democrats begin in the same point: getting requested regarding their beef with Gov. Greg Abbott. They drop “I’m in,” and also the news tribe starts its rain storm of questions: So why do we want a big change? The reason for the solution? What’s your arrange for November? Have you got anything with this? Are you able to have any money with this? Democrats are hopeless, right? Why would a good person jump right into a race against an incumbent with increased money than Bluebeard the Pirate?

This really is a lot more like an infant-naming contest than the usual political race, in this manner: Voters have no idea the candidates. Unless of course they become familiar with a lot between now and first voting (that is what campaigns should be about), they’ll attend the polls the coming year searching in a list and deciding which name sounds best. That’s a terrific way to name the most recent family member, but it’s a dubious method to select the newest person in the federal government.

March 6 primaries, however, are right on the other hand from the holidays. Early voting begins February. 20 — just seven days into 2012.

He’s a properly-financed, popular figurehead for any political party that hasn’t lost a statewide election in Texas in almost 30 years.

Texas Democrats posess zero full slate of statewide candidates — and definitely nobody famous — towards the top of their 2018 ballots. Maybe that does not matter. [Full story]

Thus far, the plight of Democrats — as well as their failure to make a “serious” candidate for that state’s top office — is a regular narrative. There aren’t any famous brands here, couple of political accomplishments to boost a candidacy, and Abbott isn’t an archetypal battered incumbent attempting to overcome their own failures inside a bid for re-election.

For that eight Democrats within the race for governor to date — and other people who joins their ranks through the finish of economic on Monday — winning the party primary is only the first hurdle.

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