TAKING IT TO PLACES Who Require IT MOST. THEIR VOLUNTEERS SAW Precisely How BAD Everything Is. MAJOR Freeways ARE Cleaned OUT. Dirt. AND Creatures OF WEST VIRGINIA NEED All Of The HELP They Are Able To GET. &gt&gt WHEN There’s HUMAN CONCERNS. KATHLEEN BEAVER OF ANIMAL Buddies Drawn TOGETHER What You HAD EXTRA, INCLUDING Commercial Dog Food, BLANKETS, AND BOWLS. THEY LOADED TO TRUCK’S, PACKED THEM FULL, With A Small Group Of VOLUNTEERS, THEY HEADED Towards The GREENBRIER COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY Within The Toughest HIT AREAS. THEY FOUND The Requirement For PET HUMANE SOCIETY. &gt&gt Enroute Lower, THEY STOPPED In Certain SMALL Cities And Located THE DEVASTATION Seemed To Be HAPPENING. WHILE THERE Is not A Particular SHELTER THERE, PEOPLE As Well As Their PETS WERE Selecting A Few Of The HUMAN SHELTERS. Broken OR DESTROYED, Pet Shelters Have Become FULL. &gt&gt Individuals Are Beginning In The Future RELINQUISH THEIR PETS. THEY Don’t Wish To, BUT They Do Not Know WHAT ELSE To Complete As Their Home Is FLOODED. &gt&gt This Is How You Can Assist. DONATE Commercial Dog Food, PUPPY PADS, CRATES, CALLERS, BLEACH, DONATIONS Are Essential. TAKE Individuals TO ANIMAL F RIENDS. They’ll MAKE THEIR SECOND Visit To WEST VIRGINIA ON THURSDAY. It Is Said SINCE A Lot Of

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