While tourist arrivals in Italia rose a modest 1 percent to just about 56 million this past year, hotel stays were up 4.8 percent within the first 1 / 2 of 2017, reported. Popular locations for example Rome, Florence and Venice also have seen a 31.5 percent surge between 2009 and 2015. The boost in tourism in the last 2 yrs is partially because of security fears over other Mediterranean destinations for example Egypt and Poultry.

A lot of the anger continues to be brewing in The country, in which a record 75.six million vacationers visited this past year, reported. Protests happen to be reported within the resort island of Mallorca, with video clip emerging a week ago of activists leaving flares outdoors a cafe or restaurant filled with vacationers in the island’s capital Palma de Majorca.

In Italia, residents in Venice recently staged a march with the city to protest against rising rents and pollution from luxury cruise ships.

LONDON • A wave of anti-tourist protests have spread across southern Europe among an angry backlash by residents who say unchecked tourism at a few of the continent’s most widely used destinations has brought to problems for example overcrowding, rising rents and pollution.

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Earlier this year, the youth wing from the radical CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy) party was filmed slashing the tyres of rental bicycles along with a coach within the city. Youth activists within the northern town of San Sebastian will also be intending to hold an anti-tourism protest on Thursday.

In Barcelona, which attracts a minimum of 11 million visitors annually, tensions over out of control tourism have lengthy simmered, partially because of the impact of home-rental apps like Airbnb around the housing industry.

The backlash has brought the planet Tourism Organisation to induce the government bodies to complete more to handle tourism growth sustainably. Its secretary-general Taleb Rifai told the problem was “a really serious situation”. Already, the backlash has motivated the government bodies to do something. Following the street protest, Venetian government bodies recently attempted restricting use of many places throughout a festival, the very first time within the city’s history. Special patrols will also be in position in Rome’s historic center.

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