Woz U also provides use of tech companies thinking about while using tools and sources presented to recruit and train employees. The woking platform is going to be open to students K-12 through partnerships with school districts too. Lower the road, Woz U really wants to offer one-on-one instruction to students and, afterwards, to provide its very own accelerator program for prospective startup founders. The general goal would be to increase curiosity about what Woz U calls STEAM careers, or science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, with the help of arts presumably a nod to Wozniak’s role at Apple and fellow co-founder Steve Jobs’ lifelong pursuit to blend technology using the humanities.

There aren’t any prices information on the existing or planned features. There’s, however, already a mobile application by helping cover their some opening courses, and you may also “enroll” in Woz U beginning today, though it’s unclear just what that entails beyond submitting a couple of items of personal contact details. The entire enterprise appears polished enough, although it ought to be noted though that Woz U’s initial partner may be the for-profit Southern Careers Institute, resides in Austin, Texas. So don’t expect all things in Woz U to become free.

Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Jobs, is launching a brand new online tech education platform he’s calling Woz U, which is made to promote technology jobs and also the skills needed to go in the. With time, Wozniak wishes to expand the initiative to incorporate as much as 30 physical locations all over the world and courses on from software engineering and knowledge technology to mobile application development and cybersecurity, amongst others. It’s unclear whether courses is going to be offered free of charge, or if Woz U intentions of charging for just about any aspect of the online education platform. The web site doesn’t say.

“Our goal would be to educate and train individuals employable digital skills without having to put them into many years of debt,” Wozniak stated inside a statement. “People frequently are scared to select a technology-based career simply because they think they’re not able to get it done. I understand they are able to, and I wish to demonstrate to them how. My entire existence I’ve labored to construct, develop, and make up a better world through technology and that i usually have respected education. This is the time for Woz U, and we’re only getting began.”

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