When more events are divided and wounded, I’ll achieve out. I’m happy with the campaign that my party has run, it had been positive, energetic and hopeful. That’s the kind of party we’re, and that’s my offer towards the country. It is indeed my offer to any or all individuals who share our values.

Although the election was close, nearly all British people want us to depart. We have to believe that decision but we refuse to stop on the values.

With this particular election, the fabric in our country has altered, the entire fabric of Europe continues to be altered.

We have to not permit this to election allow our country to go to division, isolation and decline. Our national interest doesn’t finish in the coves of Dover.

You will find 16 million people stating that this fight isn’t over. This will be our country too. If you’re as angry and heartbroken like me, I need come along today.

The Ecu Community, an establishment that people built, that shipped peace, that marketed equality, stored us safe and opened up the doorways of chance, won’t play a part of Britain’s future. Among the 16 million remain votes along with a passionate pro-European the end result affects me deeply.

Our positive, hopeful, different and tolerant Britain is required now more than ever before.

I have faith that this election wasn’t a election around the Eu alone. It had been a collective howl of frustration – in the political class, at big business, in a global elite.

We have to not allow this unity to fade.

Tolerant of Europe, furious with individuals who brought us for this disaster. Determined that we’ll not leave behind this fight.

The demands on the schools, the demands on the hospitals and GP surgeries, the demands on the infrastructure are problems produced in Westminster, within our own Parliament, by British political figures.

As Gladstone stated almost 130 years back – ‘We are members of the city of Europe, and should do our duty as a result.’

During the last couple of days I’ve was alongside progressives, in Work, Vegetables and Conservatives. It felt just like there is more that u . s . us than divided us.

The Liberal Democrats is constantly are a symbol of a much better type of Britain compared to one colored through the Leave campaign. Because the polls closed 1000’s of individuals have became a member of our party because they look across at Work party who dont appear of looking after. Their spineless leadership has meant we’ve sleepwalked to Brexit.

Many years of frustration, dissatisfaction and individuals feeling overlooked happen to be building up to now.  Too frequently the Eu has been utilized like a distraction from failures in government.

I’m able to provide you with a home for any new modern variety of politics – liberal, hopeful, worldwide, rational – driven by real British values.

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