Marcus Newton and the 11-year-old daughter, Adison, introduced their two dogs, Reagan and Riley, towards the hotel too.

They provided a reservation within the hotel two several weeks ago, but made the decision to help keep the area to have an evacuation plan.

Pictures of the dog-filled hotel rapidly made their way online.

Mia Gallow told the Sentinel she drove up from Naples with Scout, her golden retriever, to prevent the worst of Irma.

The amount of dogs in the hotel shocked her.

“It jogs my memory of this book “Go, Dog. Go!” because there are plenty of dogs here,” she stated.

There have been some attractions for that human visitors, too, together with a multipurpose room having a billiard table, games and films.

Over 800 dogs grew to become temporary visitors in the Hyatt Regency Orlando a week ago as Irma, a Category 5 storm with viciously fast wind speeds, barreled toward the condition, based on the .

“We’re always dog-friendly,” hotel manager Kevin Kennedy stated towards the Sentinel.

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