Can One Collect Divorced Spousal Benefits Retroactively?

Hi Candice, Yes, because you were born before 1/2/1954, you are able to file a small application for spousal benefits only good at age 66, while letting your personal rate keep growing until age 70. Drawing the spousal benefits won’t adversely affect your personal benefit rate at 70. This will probably be your very best strategy, but you might want make certain by running the maximization software available on this web site.

Hi Ray, I am getting mixed assistance with whether we are qualified to file for and suspend as well as whether we are able to file restricted applications. We’re both presently 63 and can achieve FRA in 2019. We believed that i was grandfathered for that file and suspend option because we both were age 62 by The month of january 1, 2015. We understood that as allowing us to retain that option whenever we reach our FRA. Shall we be mistaken? Thanks, Gayle

What which means is you or perhaps your wife may potentially apply for spousal benefits limited to age 66, and allow your own benefit rate grow until age 70. But, certainly one of you’ll really need to be drawing your personal retirement benefits to ensure that another to get spousal benefits. Underneath the old rules, spousal benefits might be compensated around the account of the worker who under your own accord suspended their benefits, but that is no more true for voluntary suspensions requested after 4/29/2016. Expert software as described in other solutions will help you find your enhanced strategy and explore other potential options too. Best, Ray

Hi Ray, I’m 70 years of age, divorced, but still working full-time. I satisfied the divorced spousal needs to gather benefits at 66 after i visited Social Security to go over collecting benefits. The trainer told us my benefits were greater than 50% of my former husband’s benefits and that i, therefore, couldn’t collect divorced spousal benefits according to his account. I wasn’t informed which i could collect his for 4 years, 66-70, and let my retirement benefits maximize to age 70. I’ve now begun collecting my retirement benefits at 70. It had been the very first edition of the book which alerted me that I might have been collecting my divorced spousal benefits.

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