It may sound kind of like scores of crickets. Although not quite. A higher-pitched whine, but from what? It appears to undulate, even writhe. Listen carefully: Some hear multiple, distinct tones colliding inside a nails-on-the-blackboard effect…

“What it’s telling us may be the seem is situated between about 7,000 kHz and eight,000 kHz. There are approximately 20 peaks, plus they appear to become equally spaced. Each one of these peaks correspond to a new frequency,” stated Kausik Sarkar, an acoustics expert and engineering professor in the George Washington College who reviewed it using the AP.

A more in-depth study of one recording reveals it’s not only a single seem. Roughly 20 or even more different frequencies, or pitches, take root inside it, the AP discovered utilizing a spectrum analyzer, which measures a signal’s frequency and amplitude…

White-colored House chief of staff John Kelly states the U . s . States believes that Cuban President Raul Castro’s government could stop attacks on U.S. diplomats.

Each year filled with bizarre news on every front the sonic attack saga is silently among the strangest. American officials happen to be studying it for several weeks, while using best technology the U.S. has to get to the foot of it, and … nothing. They still do not know what’s happening. (Approximately they are saying.) However they do, a minimum of, have proof there *is* a seem the Americans happen to be hearing. The AP includes a recording from it, which you’ll pay attention to below. It might drive me to distraction if I needed to participate in it for over a minute however the impact on U.S. diplomats went way beyond irritation. Some apparently have endured “mild traumatic brain injury” from being uncovered into it. Others have endured hearing problems. What sort of weapon can perform that? Formally, the U.S. doesn’t have idea:

So baffled are experts by what this can be that they’ve switched to mass hysteria just as one explanation. Can mass hysteria cause, er, mild traumatic brain injuries and central nervous damage? Kind of. “We are speaking about genuine signs and symptoms that individuals have of dizziness, of headaches, of hearing difficulties, which they aren’t faking,” stated one specialist towards . A couple of people in a tiny, demanding community experience odd “symptoms,” others suspect they’re being targeted, and all of a sudden you possess an “outbreak” or perhaps a mass “attack.” Only one problem, though: Again, how can you explain this recording? Could it be some ingenious psy op through the Cubans targeted at triggering mass hysteria, possibly introduced whenever a couple of Americans were sick for wholly unrelated reasons in the fact that the suspicious mystery noise would eventually become suspected because the cause?

Kelly isn’t elaborating on why the U.S. believes Cuba could stop it. Formerly, the U . s . States has stated just it had become Cuba’s responsibility under worldwide law to safeguard diplomats serving on its soil.

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