Australian mother and father arrested a Sydney man charged with serving as a real estate agent for North Korea by allegedly trying to broker sales for Pyongyang including components utilized in ballistic missiles.

“This situation is much like nothing we’ve seen on Australia soil,” Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan told reporters Sunday morning. “This really is underground community 101.”

The suspect has being best known as a 59-year-old naturalized Australian citizen who had been born in Columbia.

“We’re alleging all of the activity happened offshore,” Gaughan stated.

Gaughan added that there wasn’t any evidence any weapons or components undergone Australia.

“This man was serving as a loyal agent for North Korea who believed he was acting for everyone some greater loyal purpose,” Gaughan stated. “I believe in the finish during the day he’d sell whatever he could to earn money back for that North Korean government.”

Police allege the person was generating millions of dollars for that Pyongyang regime by organizing the purchase of missiles, components and expertise from North Korea with other worldwide entities, and it was attempting to arrange the change in coal in the country to Indonesia and Vietnam.

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