The big event has been located on eBay, where one can preview from the collection on your own. It’s believed to become worth as much as $5.3 million.

Another huge item: the Apollo 13 flight plan. The flight plan log book contains cartoons and notes from Fred Haise, Jim Lovell and Jack Swigert taken throughout the dramatic Apollo 13 flight, including records of actions taken throughout the flight in great detail. Beginning bid: $24,000.

A 1962 thermal coverlayer for that Gemini G1C Spacesuit, designed for Gus Grissom, the very first man to fly wide two times. Beginning bid: $32,000.

If you’ve ever desired to own a bit of space history, now’s your opportunity. On This summer 20 — the 48th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing — Sotheby’s will host its first “Space Exploration” live auction.

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