“Jury deliberations were 52 hrs, so we are all attempting to mend and heal and we’ll have important decisions dads and moms in the future,Inches McMonagle stated.

McMonagle stated Camille Cosby’s words won’t have any impact on the situation, if there is a retrial.

“Things I would tell all Mr. Cosby’s fans and a few of the folks on the other hand of the, there exists a wonderful criminal justice system within this country,” McMonagle stated on ABC’s “Hello America.”

ABC’s Chris Francescani and Linsey Davis led to this report.

If Cosby asks McMonagle to protect him inside a retrial, McMonagle stated he “will answer the phone call.Inches

Requested what he’d tell those who have learned about other accusers against Cosby, McMonagle stated: “None of those accusations have have you been vetted. Not one of them have have you been offer the exam.Inch

“Not one of them have have you been mix-examined and also the one who’s has happened, fair-minded people could not arrived at a conclusion,” he stated in mention of situation that ended Saturday inside a mistrial. “Presume innocence, and trust the machine.Inch

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