So when the Pistons carried out with a 16-66 record, the worst within the Eastern Conference, the celts all of a sudden found themselves having a 50 % possibility of securing no. 1 pick in 1980.

In 1980, the consensus No. 1 pick was Carroll of Purdue. However when Auerbach won the gold coin switch, and also the legal rights towards the No. 1 pick, he’d his eye on somebody that wasn’t on anyone’s draft board at that time, Rob Sampson, who’d just completed his newcomer year in the College of Virginia.

In 1980, the celts had no. 1 pick due to a complicated cope with the Detroit Pistons. The Celts had signed the Pistons’ M. L. Carr like a free agent within the summer time of 1979 in individuals days they losing the gamer and also the team obtaining him then attempted to sort out an equitable compensation package. If there wasn’t any agreement, the N.B.A. commissioner had the ultimate word.

After much backwards and forwards, the Pistons decided to what now appears like an unbelievably one-sided deal: They’d take Boston’s Bob McAdoo as compensation for losing Carr but would also send the celts a juicy draft package.

And, as was the situation in 1980, the celts in 2017 have traded no. 1 pick for that No. 3 pick along with other goodies. The Celts made the swap Monday using the Philadelphia 76ers, acquiring the next No. 1 select from them additionally towards the No. 3 selection this season.

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