The first start, with Theresa May going to The city within the small hrs from the morning for any press conference at 6.30am London time – was because European Council president Jesse Tusk was going to Hungary each morning. 

Thirdly and crucially, although the agreement pledges “unfettered access” to United kingdom markets for Northern Ireland no matter what, it places responsibility around the Northern Ireland executive  – which doesn’t presently function – to agree any new rules to prevent Northern Ireland from diverging in the Republic and therefore stop a tough border from developing.

In normal conditions this implies remaining within the single market and customs union. But Theresa May repeated today in The city the United kingdom could be departing the only market and customs union, so it isn’t obvious how this is possible. She might be envisaging a Swiss-style arrangement in which the United kingdom isn’t within the EEA, but implements individual tranches of legislation on the agreement basis. This could most likely still upset Brexiteers interested in departing the only market, though. It’s a really odd factor to state and also the Government hasn’t unpacked it.

The EU also got what it really wanted for the reason that the integrity from the single market and customs union continue to be respected in principle. 

Technically, the United kingdom had until night time on Sunday evening to generate an offer, so by recent standards they’ve left it with absolutely ages to spare. 

The United kingdom and EU have to generate a contract on which any transition period could seem like. They can also be in a position to proceed to discusses Britain’s future relationship beyond the transition appears like, based on exactly what the European Council decides in a few days. 

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