#Brexitin5Words: These tweets sum everything up perfectly

Are you able to describe it in five words? (Picture: REX/Alamy/Metro)

So when you sum all this in five words, which of them are they going to be?

It doesn’t matter how you chosen, we all can agree this Brexit clients are turning out to be an enormous mess.

Oh, after which there’s the truth that sterling is heading lower the bathroom ., and some artists are using the result to legitimise their racism.

Is that this what BAME individuals have to anticipate publish-Brexit?

First Nigel Farage said Vote Leave’s pre-referendum promise to reinvest £350million per week in to the NHS would be a ‘mistake’.

Listed here are our favourites.

Twitter continues to be having a go all day long – and #Brexitin5words continues to be trending.

Slow clap for Leave.EU here.

Meanwhile, there’s a feeling of Bregret – with lots of who chosen Leave declaring they either didn’t find out what these were voting for, or they didn’t think a Brexit would really happen.

Instant regret (in other words, Bregret…)

So, what’s the program again?

Maybe it’s time for you to move…

Or simply stay in denial

We’re within the kebab shop

Just in case you skipped it, it was one man’s brilliant example for Brexit a the start of the month.

That one that’s technically six words

Then your second-greatest search phrase on the internet was ‘What may be the EU?’. Following the election.

What’s happening using the NHS?

Our economy’s switched to shit

We should’ve Googled ‘EU’ earlier

We can’t be much better any longer 🙁

A minimum of you will find puns

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