Based on the analysis, when the United kingdom achieved cancer survival rates of Germany, greater than 35,000 more and more people could be alive 5 years after diagnosis.

The United kingdom is trailing behind other Countries in europe with regards to diagnosing and treating cancer, a brand new report states.

“But to create more progress we are applying the advice from the cancer taskforce in order to save an additional 30,000 lives by 2020.”

“Nearly 11,500 women continue to be losing their lives to cancer of the breast each year within the United kingdom so we still lag unacceptably behind Europe on the investment, survival rates and accessibility best medicines.

The United kingdom has got the second worst survival rates for cancer of the lung and also the second worst survival for pancreatic cancer.

“While more women are surviving cancer of the breast than in the past within the United kingdom, this devastating disease is way from the done deal.

“The report’s concentrate on the need for data collection to higher understand the need for new cancer drugs is welcomed, out of the box its call to locate improved methods for making drugs open to patients that will benefit.

And when the United kingdom had cancer dying rates of France, greater than 100,000 women’s deaths might be avoided within the next decade.

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