Mister, Liam Fox states he speaks for Brexiters for the reason that the offer never was to possess free movement after Brexit (Foot.com, This summer 31). Writing among 10 Work MPs who campaigned for Brexit, I don’t accept his view. The bottom line is to not keep setting deadlines — ie 3 years with this and 3 years for another thing — but exercising a contract that is the best for Britain, regardless of the timetable.

Frank Field MP

Work, Birkenhead,

House of Commons, United kingdom

We don’t presently possess the skills base to clamp lower immediately on EU immigration with no damage to British industry and our success. We have to negotiate a sluggish raising from the drawbridge whose pace is placed through the implementation of the effective skills policy within this country. The key next move from the negotiations is to locate a safe harbour during the day after Brexit, where we’ll continue the slow transition which chancellor Philip Hammond speaks, while firmly setting an entire number of policies that delivers a effective Brexit.

What’s crucial for that public may be the United kingdom government’s direction of travel towards Brexit, instead of deadlines which will finish in individuals who voted for Brexit feeling politicians have deserted them.

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