“We’ve had that cat 5 years, and there’s never been an issue,” said White-colored, a Browser supporter. “That cat does not have anything related to whether somebody might have their puppy at City Hall. That cat doesn’t hurt anybody. … The council just recently did this by themselves simply because they don’t like cats.”

Mayor Ron White-colored, a non-voting council moderator underneath the city charter, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram the campaign against Browser began with simple pettiness at City Hall. Apparently, a town worker was angry at not permitted to help keep a dog at the office, and began an anti-cat fuss.

Lillian Blackburn, president of Buddies from the White-colored Settlement Public Library, stated people can call ahead therefore the cat could be sequestered stay.

The election two days ago to oust Browser made the kitty an worldwide cause celebre.

“All were in support [of Browser]” he stated.

Browser continues to be well-liked by library patrons and employees for 5 years, however, many authorities advocated booting the kitty, stating allergy and safety concerns, according towards the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

The election to permit Browser to remain was welcomed by cheers from supporters.

Council member Elzie Clements expressed concerns the cat’s presence might be a problem for individuals with allergic reactions.

Council member Jim Ryan stated during Friday’s special meeting he had personally received 1,394 messages previously week throughout the U . s . States in addition to Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Guam and Italia.

After being dogged by angry cat enthusiasts, the White-colored Settlement town council reconsidered a couple-1 decision evicting Browser the kitty in the library and chosen all to permit him to stay, based on WFAA reporter Lauren Zakalik.

A Texas town council chosen on Friday to not evict the cat in the local library, reversing itself and averting a potential cat-astrophe.

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