All the calls had to date switched to be false alarms. When requested concerning the matter, a Kremlin spokesman referred reporters towards the police.

Relations between Moscow and Kiev are in a minimal after Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014 and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine rebelled against Kiev’s rule.

Russian government bodies evacuated individuals from a large number of structures in Moscow on Wednesday following a flurry of anonymous telephone calls asserting the locations have been found, RIA news agency reported.

RIA reported its source as saying that lots of the hoax calls might have been produced from Ukraine.

Citing an unnamed source within the emergency services, RIA stated the hoaxes had to date affected greater than 20 Russian towns and metropolitan areas.

Three of Moscow’s primary train stations appeared to be checked on Wednesday, combined with the city’s famous GUM mall near Red Square, and most 20 other structures, this news agency stated.

Russia has now possessed a wave of hoax explosive device threats.

GUM stated on its website it had been temporarily closed “for technical reasons.” A TV cameraman stated he saw police with sniffer dogs examining the building.

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