As California prepares to hands out licenses to marijuana companies on Jan. 1, most are eyeing Northern California’s winemaking regions like a pot of gold.

—By CNBC’s Aditi Roy.

Nearby, vintner Dennis En Montanya is mingling with visitors. The sixth-generation winemaker states he does not “indulge” in marijuana, but is interested in the financial possibilities that go together with the crop.

Devika Maskey, a winemaker switched marijuana entrepreneur, pointed out some vintners are involved that “rather from the mother getting a glass of vino before going to sleep, maybe she’ll possess a hit of cannabis before going to sleep, so they are worried that individuals are likely to choose cannabis over wine.”

Certainly one of Steinmetz’s clients, cannabis player Cyril Guthridge, noted the region’s climate and soil condition allow it to be ideal to develop high-quality bud.

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