Officials stated strong Santa Ana winds, that have already helped feed a quartet of fires which have scorched thousands of acres, could gust between 50 and 80 mph.

Regardless of the encroaching fire and too little electricity in the region, Ruffner was adamant he wouldn’t leave again. 

“I’ve should be honest, we’re worried about everything,” stated Armando Hogan, a helper La fire chief.

Neighbuor Frederick Ruffner also evacuated and came back. Pointing in the wall of flames next door, he noted the blaze was “returning to burn what it really did not burn yesterday.” 

He stated they’d evacuate for that second time now from small Faria Beach, where crews scrambled to safeguard homes nestled across the shore northwest of La. The pair packed bags following the blaze in Ventura County started late Monday and destroyed a large number of homes. 

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