• Countless schools were purchased closed throughout a few days due to the thick blanket of smoke filling the skies. The La Unified School District stated a minimum of 322 schools, including independent charters, wouldn’t hold classes on Thursday.

“The entire town rested with one eye open,” stated Tracie Fickenscher, a Ventura resident. “Every time you hear the wind hurry up to your residence, you question if that’s the gust. Would be that the one which kicked up a good enough spark?”

Here’s the most recent:

• The outbreaks have forced nearly 200,000 individuals the la and Ventura areas to evacuate, and a large number of firefighters happen to be called to assist.

Reporting was contributed by Jennifer Medina, Richard Pérez-Peña, Alan Blinder, Mitch Cruz, Henry Fountain and Mark Storer.

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