To the storyline:

A suit by her children will settle if UCSF Clinic, where Dale first selected treatment, was accountable for her suffering by allegedly concealing its oncologists’ decision to not provide existence-ending drugs to patients who request them.

More broadly, their suit illuminates intricacies of the law that confers new legal rights on crictally ill patients, but couple of obligations on their own medical service providers.

The main claim is elder abuse. In the event that theory prevails, not helping kill someone would become a kind of abuse! Unthinkable.

However it isn’t yet, so the pretense from the movement they only want an itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy change in mores and law continues as SOP.

Should aided suicide become broadly recognized within this country, activists will attempt to pressure all doctors to participate–either by doing the deed or talking about a physician considered to be prepared to lethally prescribe.

This suit is a touch before it is time.

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