All hope isn’t lost, since the bill is just stalled throughout the entire year. We are able to raise it again in 2018.

Captured, the Republican majority in Congress repealed the strong privacy rules from the government Communications Commission in 2016, which needed ISPs to obtain affirmative consent before selling our data.  But while Congressional Democrats fought against to safeguard your own data, the Democratic-controlled California legislature didn’t follow. Rather, they kowtowed for an aggressive lobbying campaign, from telecommunications corporations and Internet companies, which incorporated spurious claims and false social networking advertisements about cybersecurity. 

Within the dead of night, the California Legislature shelved legislation that will have protected every Web surfer within the condition from getting their data collected and offered by ISPs without their permission. By neglecting to pass A.B. 375, the legislature shown they place the profits of Verizon, AT&ampT, and Comcast within the privacy legal rights of the constituents.

A.B. 375 was introduced late within the session it managed to get to date along the way so rapidly demonstrates there are many legislators who’re all-in on privacy.  In The month of january, EFF will build off the 2010 momentum having a restored push to maneuver A.B. 375 towards the governor’s desk. Mark your calendar and come along. 

“It is very disappointing the California legislature unsuccessful to revive broadband privacy legal rights for residents within this condition as a result of the Trump Administration and Congressional efforts to roll back consumer protection,” EFF Legislative Counsel Ernesto Falcon stated. “Californians will still be denied the right to avoid their cable or telephone company utilizing their private data for enhancing already high profits. Possibly the legislature must take more time speaking towards the 80% of voters that support the aim of A.B. 375 and fewer time with Comcast, AT&ampT, and Google’s lobbyists in Sacramento.” 

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