Legislative Counsel’s Digest of Senate bill 54.

In 1996, Congress searched for to finish immigration related information-discussing limitations having a provision within the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.

Senate bill 54 isn’t an efficient way to assist undocumented aliens.

It might, with a few exceptions, stop condition and law enforcement agencies by using their sources to research, detain, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes.  

Attorney General Shaun SessionsShaun SessionsCalifornia’s ‘sanctuary state’ bill is against the law, but additionally ineffective Trump asks Top Court to bar judge’s travel ban ruling Congress should ‘Just Say No’ to harmful drug policy MORE implemented this provision on May 22, 2017, having a memorandum proclaiming that the Department of Justice will need jurisdictions trying to get certain kinds of department grants to approve their compliance with federal law, including 8 U.S.C. 1373.

The California bill would certainly withhold cooperation, and there are plenty of undocumented aliens residing in California that ICE doesn’t need assistance to locate them.  Based on the PEW Research Center, California had 2,350,000 undocumented aliens in 2014.  It had more undocumented aliens than every other condition, which may be attributed partly to California’s sanctuary policies.

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