CBS has restored the show, which airs solely on CBS:All Access, the network’s digital subscription streaming service. The show is a notable hit for that service, helping drive subscription growth by taking advantage of the series’ passionate group of followers.

The series streams solely around the network’s subscription service.

The very first six instances of the show can be found now—with three more coming within the next couple of days, ending November. 12. The show will return in The month of january, with another six-episode arc.

Star Wars: Discovery, that was already strongly going where no form of the show choose to go before, continues its mission, presumably in 2018.

“In just six episodes, Star Wars: Discovery has driven subscriber growth, critical acclaim and big global fan interest for that first premium form of this excellent franchise,” stated Marc DeBevoise, chief operating officer for CBS Interactive, inside a statement. “This series includes a outstanding creative team and cast who’ve shown remarkable ability to keep the Star Wars legacy. We’re very happy with what they’ve accomplished and therefore are happy to be getting fans another season of the tremendous series.”

Discovery aired its pilot episode around the CBS network, attracting nearly ten million 24 hour viewers. Additionally, it helped All Access break subscriber sign-up records for any day, week, and month. (It’s available via Netflix outdoors from the U . s . States.)

CBS didn’t announce a time period for that show’s second season, nor the number of episodes it intends to shoot.

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