Fabregas left Arsenal in 2011 to join Barcelona

“I understood Chelsea were quietly, among other clubs, but once i spoke to [Jose] Mourinho meanwhile he convinced me it had become an excellent place in the future. A few days passed, Arsenal never responded, never contacted me either, and so i required it as being them getting enough players within their squad, and so i made my proceed to Chelsea.

See more from Sky Sports’ interview with Cesc Fabregas on Super Sunday: Chelsea v Arsenal from 12.30pm on Sky Sports Premier League.

“Personally i think very attached, even today, to Arsenal. My feelings for that club, well I haven’t got to repeat myself, each and every time we play against them, since it is known. Whomever does not trust me, or does not feel it is primarily the way, isn’t right. I understand how Personally i think, my loved ones does, and that is the only goal in my experience.

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