“North Korea is really a rogue nation which has turned into a great threat and embarrassment to China, that is attempting to help however with little success,” obama stated in September.

Song would end up being the first high-level Chinese official to go to North Korea since October 2015, when part of the Communist Party Politburo committee met with Kim.

China continues to be the sole protector from the North Korean regime, rapport that’s been an origin of friction between officials in Washington and Beijing. Trump has formerly belittled China, saying its leaders weren’t utilizing their influence in Pyongyang to assist the U.S. convince North Korea to tone lower its rhetoric and finish its quest for nuclear weapons.

“President Xi of China has mentioned that he’s upping the sanctions against #NoKo. Stated he wants these to denuclearize. Progress has been made,” obama tweeted.

The Worldwide Liaison Department, responsible for china communist party’s relations with foreign political parties, has effectively taken charge in performing China’s diplomacy with North Korea, reported.

The announcement didn’t mention Trump or even the U.S.

The Connected Press led to this report.

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