Heavy lending by condition-owned banks, brisk government spending and powerful exports helped keep China’s economy growing quickly and continuously. China’s record agency stated on Thursday the economy had grown 6.8 percent within the This summer-to-September period, compared with similar quarter last year.

The figure announced on Thursday looked like other is a result of recent quarters, a pattern which makes many economists doubt the longevity of China’s headline economic figures. Still other figures — including retail spending, housing sales and trade figures — suggest an economy growing continuously underneath the guiding hands from the government.

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China can thank the planet for many of their third-quarter performance. Its exports increased in a healthy pace like a global economic recovery improved interest in Chinese-made goods.

Chinese debt accumulation had slowed in certain recent quarters, suggesting the country’s leaders were obtaining a handle around the problem. However, many Western experts are skeptical that China has truly done much.

Ailin Tang contributed research.

Zhou Xiaochuan, the lengthy-serving governor from the central bank, cautioned inside a speech in Washington on Sunday that the large slice of your debt accrued by Chinese condition-owned enterprises might really represent disguised borrowing by local governments.

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