Next out there, recognizing that CO2 isn’t a pollutant, may be the turnaround of the so-known as endangerment finding which empowers the Environmental protection agency to manage C02.

Anti-co2 orthodoxy and overreach is most effective when all governments are concurrently knee capping their economies with CO2 taxes, bans on coal, gas fracking and new pipelines. All while supplying alternative energy subsidies.

The mercurial Jesse Trump was elected, in the margin, by displaced populations in mid-western coal mining states voting from the Democrats’ anti-coal global warming policies. Out of the door went the global warming orthodoxy of surreptitiously strangling hydrocarbons while boosting less reliable and much more costly renewables with false talk of fighting ‘carbon pollution’.

The U.S. Ecological Protection Agency, a haven for eco-friendly activists masquerading as neutral civil servants while spearheading the anti-hydrocarbon campaign, has been defanged.

Problematic alarmist models underpin policies causing real economic injury to folks with no discernible impacts, as our politicians claim, on the weather.

Unaware to competitive realities, our federal Liberal government is stuck within the Obama era “La La land” of carbon taxes and eco-friendly religion.

This week’s “Trumpquake” had new Environmental protection agency boss Scott Pruitt confirming the finish from the Obama Clean Power Plan. It’d the Environmental protection agency overtaking condition level power industries, mandating costly renewables while abolishing coal.

All of this for which?

It might have produced a large number of construction jobs while substituting Alberta oil for foreign tanker-communicated imported oil.

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