Around the plus side, it might also eco-friendly the Sahel region of northern Africa.

Earth getting in the process

This tough reality, he added, may pressure us to reconsider the “culture of short-term convenience and consumption” which has emerged since the center of the twentieth century.

With regards to global warming, these invisible thresholds really are a point-of-no-return beyond which lies a global that may fall quickly and seriously out of whack.

Bonn – As global warming drives up temperatures, Earth comes ever nearer to harmful ‘tipping points’ that may accelerate climatic change beyond our ability to reign it in, scientists cautioned at United nations talks in Bonn.

Consider someone leaning back on two legs of the chair, recommended Sybren Drijfhout, a professor in the College of Southampton.

When the thermometer rises beyond 5°C – unlikely although not impossible – the planet would begin to see the melting from the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, lifting seas many metres and losing Arctic winter ocean ice.

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