Today has unparalleled volume and demand.

Things seems to possess stabilized during the time of writing and, to become fair to Coinbase, it was not the only real fiat-crypto exchange that buckled underneath the pressure and it is capacity has clearly improved significant since its last major outage when bitcoin passed $2,000.

Still, it’s insane that the application can race to the top Application Store despite not really functioning for a lot of users that veryday. However, we reside in a world where one bitcoin may be worth north of $18,000 so ‘normal’ has become harder to define.

Ignoring recent cost increases for any second, if you’re able to — there isn’t any greater manifestation of bitcoin fever than an application that allows you to purchase the cryptocurrency becoming probably the most downloaded application within the Application Store.

The organization presently has more customers than Charles Schwab and it has opened up as much as 300,000 accounts per day.

— Bruce Fenton (@brucefenton) December 7, 2017

The irony of Coinbase striking the mainstream is the fact that, for a lot of customers, the service was really unavailable for big portions during the day. The Coinbase application was hanging for a lot of — which makes it impossible to check on an equilibrium not to mention subscribe to The Following Great Bitcoin Hurry — and it is web-based service didn’t fare much better. The website was “down for maintenance” for big chunks during the day, frustrating customers searching to purchase, sell or just access their account.

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