Dr. George A. W. Cruz is chief medical o fficer of Escambia Community Clinics, Corporation.

Escambia Community Clinics, Corporation. is our only local Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), with 13 sites through the area. This past year, our overall health center offered over 34,500 uninsured, under insured and medically needy individuals in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, representing 105,600 medical, dental and behavior health visits. Community Health Centers like Escambia Community Clinics are members of a nationwide network that’s the family physician to greater than 25 million Americans.

Now leaders in the local, condition and national level will join communities in celebration of National Health Center Week 2017. Their messages and appointments with health centers demonstrates that it’s not only easy to move past the partisan divide over healthcare, but to aid and agree with a course fundamental to our communities and also the nation’s public health.

Health centers like Escambia Community Clinics bring a distinctive and important
perspective towards the national conversation on healthcare, making a significant
improvement in the lives of a large number of families within our community. We’re proud
that people could work with lawmakers on sides from the aisle to bolster and
enhance the accessibility to quality primary care and preventive services to
everybody who needs it. A healthy body starts with primary care. Use of
Community Health Centers is really a prescription for that a healthy body in our nation.

This program began greater than half a century ago like a small but bold demonstration project to supply healthcare in medically underserved areas. During the period of their existence, health centers have saved numerous lives, reduced and avoided chronic disease within the most challenged of patients and provided patients with affordable choices for care than the usual pricey hospital er. Health centers are actually innovators for chronic disease and answering national health crises, like the opioid epidemic that kills 78 individuals the U.S. every single day.

There’s little question that health centers have contributed considerably to financial savings for that American citizen. Actually health centers save, typically, $2,371 (or 24%) as a whole spending per State medicaid programs patient in comparison with other providers, based on a 2016 study printed within the American Journal of Public Health. It’s not sufficient to explain health centers as yet another healthcare program. They’re in addition to that. They’re problem-solvers that appear to be beyond medical charts not just to prevent illness but additionally address the standards that really cause illness, for example being homeless, insufficient diet, stress or unemployment.

Through decades and thru bipartisan administrations Congress has consistently seen the worth in growing the government purchase of the center system of care. Public investment is crucial now more than ever before. At this time an emergency looms
using the scheduled expiration of the fund in the finish of September that can lead to a
significant cut towards the budget of each and every health center. Congress must act quickly and
extend funding and connect this funding high cliff. Why? Because sometimes when efforts to
reform the care system are continuing to move forward, this really is virtually no time to show our backs
on individuals who rely on health centers for reasonable care.

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