“Eva’s near an anxiety attack in many scenes as she’s attempting to keep her awesome and hold it together. Aidan is totally not aware and each time he gets into for any hug or really wants to be intimate, it simply makes her feel sick. I couldn’t be as steely as Avoi, but she will get quite proficient at the poker face.”

“Whatever transpires with Avoi she’ll emerge from mtss is a lot more powerful and much more independent. Corrie writes wonderfully for strong, feisty women – it’s the things they’re doing best.” 

“Eva could’ve been with them by helping cover their them immediately, what she really does is more preferable. It’s a revenge plot – she would like to harm Aidan around he’s hurt her. What she’s thinking of doing is the greatest method of achieving that.

And just what of Maria, Weatherfield’s resident homewrecker, who’s transporting up with her cousin-by-marriage while pretending to become best buddies together with his factory worker fiancee? “You don’t do this for your mate, would you? Avoi firmly believes within the girl rule: you do not opt for somebody else’s boyfriend or their ex. It’s an enormous no-no. I believe many people agree, because they appear to become Team Avoi.

Monday’s lengthy-anticipated reveal begins what offers to a juicy revenge plot for Avoi, who resists confronting the pair about copping off when she learns from the unfaithfulness, but rather decides to take part in the lengthy game and starts preparing a dish of vengeance set to sizzle thorughout the summer time.

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